From: Williams,Carrie C (DSHS)

Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 2:31 PM

To: Glueck, Katie (CMG-Austin)

Subject: FP Questions



The 300-clinic count was for FY11. That recently dropped to 156 (at this point, for 2012, with the recent RFP and extensions). This is due to the overall funding reduction and the tiered prioritization.


$15.2 million will be contracted out each year of the biennium. The remaining funds are used for audits, administration, HIV integration special projects and TMHP costs.

Last biennium, we served an estimated 220,000 women per year through family planning dollars. Our latest calculation shows we’ll serve about 60,000 per year for this biennium (or more, since we have some

carryforward dollars for the transition).