It is not IF we will use cell phones for learning, but WHEN!

Student ideas for using cells for learning

1. Use Cell Phones for Real Life

2. Use Cell Phones for Class Outside of School

3. Use Cell Phones In Class

Willyn Webb, MA, LPC, NCC is a counselor and teacher in an alternative high school in Colorado.  Willyn has had a private counseling practice, authored four books in various genres, and taught all ages k-college.  By treating her students like family, she discovered the value of communicating through cell phones and text messaging.  Taking it into the classroom furthered her appreciation of the tool and as an author her next step was to write a book on it.  She is co-authoring with Lisa Nielsen on the upcoming book, Teaching Generation Text. To learn more about Willyn, her motivational and applicable workshops on cell phone use in education, her college online course Teaching Generation Text, and her books go to