Date: July 08th, 2010

Keywords: India, Kashmir, Freedom, Protest, 2010, Human Rights Abuse, Democracy

This is the real translation of the tapped phone call alleged by NDTV and other television channels in this video:

WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST, Did you watch it carefully, Now read the real translation

Person A: People are saying procession has been taken out from Budgam.

Person B: So what, where would they go (implying where can they go in curfew).

Person A: I heard 20,000 people are in the procession.

Person B: What 30,000.

Person A: By Allah I am not lying.

Person B: I am stuck in Magam for the .....

[At this point, a part of the audio is missing, which will be clearly evident to any Kashmiri speaking person]

Person B: Enjoy your salary while sitting at home (a figure of speech in spoken Kashmiri, used for “government employees” in Kashmir, because they are taking salaries while sitting at home during curfews, implying protest do not affect them at large)

[Now any one with the knowledge of Kashmir Language can tell that the further conversation is not related to above comment about “salary”]

Person A: It is not easy to bring the procession under control, once it's out of control.

Person B: When 10-15 more people would be martyred, it will come under control automatically.

Person A: I am watching on the television right now. Listen, listen... (increases volume of television)

Person A: You make call to Badgam and find out if this news is true.

As you ca see, the translation by Indian "Free" Media continuously stresses two thing 1) the transfer of money between two parties for creating violence and 2) 10 - 15 more people should die. When, in fact, that  never seems to be the point of this communication. The whole point of the phone call seems actually two people talking about the protest in Budgam.

Anyone with basic knowledge of Kashmiri language can point out the fact that most of the objectionable parts are only "Figure of Speech" in the Kashmir language and not to be taken literally.

What is I do not understand is why use "LIES" ? And then you ask “why do these nut heads throw stones”.


Update 1: Corrected some spelling/grammatical errors.

Update 2: To prove the lies, here is translations from Times Now, albeit a completely different one from NDTV :

Update 2: In 10 PM news NDTV said, “they(state govt or security agencies) say that these are separatists on phone”. Possibly implying that it is not necessary that NDTV is of the same view.