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It was fun maintaining this list for a while, but now it’s left to everyone else!

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What is this you ask? Well, it’s a complete (read: not even close) list of every ‘Ask a Pony’ tumblr blog out there!

No idea what those are? Well, put very simply, you can ask a question to anypony you like and have it replied to, in text or images. Somewhat like the Letters to Equestria project (now in tumblr form!), except a bit different.

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Tag System:

(Drawn): Mostly or all drawn responses

(Mixed): Split between drawn and text responses

(Text): Text or image macro responses

(Normal): Regular SFW blogs.

(Alt): Alternative SFW character type blogs. E.g Pinkamena / Flutterbully / Crazy Twilight etc.

(Shipping): Blogs involving quite blatant shipping.

(Grimdark): Blogs with gore/blood/all that kind of stuff.

(Dark): Blogs that are a bit creepy but not completely grimdark.

(Questionable): Blogs with borderline adult content.

(NSFW): Blogs with adult content.

(Random): Blogs that are just plain random.

(RP): Blogs more involved in the tumblr RP.

Mane Cast

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>Twilight Sparkle 05 Apr (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Dark) (Drawn)(Dark) (Drawn)(Dark) (Drawn)(Dark) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Text)(Normal) (Text)(RP) (Text)(RP)

>Pinkie Pie 05 Apr (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Dark) (Drawn)(Random) (Drawn)(Random) (Drawn)(Random) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Mixed)(Alt)(RP) (Text)(Normal) (Text)(Normal) (Text)(Alt)(RP)

>Applejack 06 Feb (Drawn)(Dark) (Drawn)(Random) (Drawn)(Random) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Text)(RP)

>Rainbow Dash 30 Jan (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Dark) (Drawn)(Dark) (Drawn)(Dark) (Drawn)(Dark)(NSFW) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Drawn)(Random) (Drawn)(Grimdark) (Mixed)(Normal) (Text)(Normal) (Text)(RP)

>Rarity 05 Apr (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Grimdark)(NSFW) (Mixed)(Dark)(NSFW) (Text)(Normal) (Text)(RP)

>Fluttershy 30 Jan (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Grimdark) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Text) (Text)(RP) (Text)(RP)

Cutie Mark Crusaders

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>Apple Bloom / Applebloom 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn) (Drawn)(Random) (Mixed)(Normal)

>Sweetie Belle 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Alt) (Mixed)(Normal) (Mixed)(Normal)

>Scootaloo 20 Jan (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Mixed)(Normal) (Mixed)(Normal) (Text)

>Cutie Mark Crusaders 12 Jan (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal)

Side Characters

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>Spike 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Random) (Mixed)(Normal) (Mixed)(RP) (Text)(Normal)

>Princess Celestia 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Mixed)(Dark) (Mixed)(Alt) (Text)(RP) (Text)(RP)(NSFW) (Text)(RP)(Alt) (Text)(RP)(Alt)  (Text)(RP)(Alt) (Text)(RP)(Random)

>Princess Luna 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Drawn)(Human) (Mixed)(Normal) (Text)(RP) (Text)(RP)

>Nightmare Moon 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal) (Text)(RP)

>Big Macintosh 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Alt) (Mixed)(Normal) (Text)(RP)

>Granny Smith 09 Dec (Text)(Normal)

>Braeburn 30 Jan (Drawn)(Normal)

>Silver Spoon 09 Dec (Drawn)(Alt) (Text)(Normal)

>Twist 30 Jan (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Mixed)(Normal)

>Snips 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal)

>Snails 09 Dec

>Diamond Tiara 05 Apr (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Questionable)

>Pipsqueak 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal)

>Zecora 20 Jan (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Alt)

>Mr Cake / Mr Carrot Cake 09 Dec

>Mrs Cake / Mrs Cup Cake 09 Dec (Mixed)(Normal)

>Pound Cake

>Pumpkin Cake

>Cheerilee 09 Dec (Drawn)(NSFW)

>Mayor Mare 09 Dec

>Hoity Toity 09 Dec

>Trixie / The Great and Powerful Trixie 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Random) (Drawn)(Human) (Text)(RP)

>Gilda the Griffon 30 Jan

>Discord 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Dark) (Text)(RP)

>Soarin’ 05 Apr (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal)(Shipping) (Drawn)(Normal)

>Spitfire 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Voiced)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Mixed)(Normal) (Mixed)(Normal) (Text)(RP)

>Prince Blueblood 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal)

>Chief Thunderhooves 09 Dec (Drawn)(Normal)

Background Characters

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>Ace (Drawn)(Normal)

Allie Way (Drawn)(Normal) (Mixed)(Normal) 

Alula (Drawn)(Normal) 

Aloe 30 Jan

Apple Fritter (Drawn)(Normal)

Archer (Text)(RP) (Text)(RP)

Beauty Brass (Drawn) (Text)(RP)

Berry Punch / OPPP (Drawn)(NSFW) (Drawn)(Shipping)

Blues Noteworthy (Drawn)(Normal)

Bon Bon / BonBon (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal)

Carrot Top / Golden Harvest (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Text)(RP)

Chancellor Puddinghead (Drawn)(Normal)

Cherry Jubilee

Construction Pony (Drawn)(NSFW)

Cloud Kicker (Drawn)(Normal)

Colgate / Romana Menta / Romana T Colgate (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Shipping) (Drawn)(Grimdark) (Text)(Normal) (Text)(NSFW)

Clover the Clever (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal)

Daisy (Drawn)(Normal)

Diamond Mint (Text)(RP)

Dizzy Twister (Drawn)(Normal)

DJ W1SH (Mixed)

>Derpy Hooves / Ditzy Doo 30 Jan (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Drawn)(Dark) (Text)(RP)

Dinky Hooves / Dinky Doo (Drawn)(Normal) (Text)(RP) (Text)(RP)

Doctor Whooves / Dr Whooves / Doctor Hooves / Dr Hooves (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal)(RP) (Drawn)(Dark) (Mixed)(Normal) (Text)(Alt)(RP)

Echo Wonderbolt (Drawn)(Normal)

Fancypants (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Text)(Normal) (Text)(Normal)

Fleur De Lis 20 Jan (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Questionable) (Mixed)(RP)

Frédéric Horseshoepin / Frederic (Mixed)(Normal) (Text)(RP)

Guard Pony / Aquilinus (Drawn)(NSFW) (Text)(RP)

Guard Pony Unicorn / Tiberius (Drawn)(Normal)

Hairspray 30 Jan

Harpo Nadermane (Mixed)(Normal)

Hayseed (Drawn)

Holly Dash (Drawn)

>Inkie Pie / Inky Pie (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn) (Text)

Lightning Bolt (Drawn)(Normal)(Shipping)

Lily (Drawn)(Dark) (Mixed)(Shipping)

Linky (Drawn)(Normal)

Lotus (Text)(RP)

Lyra / Heartstrings (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn) (Drawn)(Dark) (Text)(RP) (Text)(Alt)

Medley (Drawn)(Normal)

Misty Wonderbolt (Mixed)(Normal)

Mysterious Mare Do Well 20 Jan (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)

Nebula / Pluto (Mixed)(Normal)

Night Guards (Drawn)(Normal)

Nurse Redheart (Mixed)(Alt) (Text)(RP)

Nurse Tenderheart (Text)(RP)

Octavia 02 Dec (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Text)(NSFW) (Text)(NSFW) (Text)(RP)

Orchid Dew (Drawn)(Normal)

Orion (Drawn)(Normal)

Raindrops (Drawn)(Normal)

Roseluck (Drawn)(Normal)

Ruby Pinch (Drawn)(Normal)

Pony Joe (Text)(RP)

Screwball (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal)

Sea Swirl (Drawn)(Normal)

Shadowbolts (Text)(RP)

Sparkler (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal)

Thunder Rush (Mixed)(RP)

Tracy Flash / Shutterfly (Drawn)(Normal) (Text)(RP)

Tyco Wonderbolt (Drawn)(Normal)

Vinyl Scratch / DJ-PON3 / DJ Pon3 30 Jan (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Dark) (Drawn) (Mixed)(Normal) (Text)(Normal) (Text)(RP)

Viola / Violina / Second Fiddle (Drawn)(Normal)

Misc Characters

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Surpise (Pre Production Pony) (Drawn)(Normal)

Firefly / Fyrefly (Pre Production Pony) (Drawn)(Normal)

Posey (Pre Production Pony) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal)

Sparkler (Pre Production Pony) (Drawn)(Normal)

Fizzy (G1 Pony) (Drawn)

Berry Bright (G2 Pony) (Drawn)(Normal)

Toola Roola (G3 Pony) (Drawn)

Rainbow Dash (G3 Pony) (Drawn)(Normal)

Daring Do 05 Mar (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Text)(RP)

Smart Cookie (Drawn)(Normal)

Diamond Dogs (Drawn)(Normal)

Ursa Major (Drawn)(Normal)

Parasprites (Mixed)

Tom / Tom Dan / Tom the Diamond / Tom the Rock (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Mixed)(Normal)

Steven Magnet (Drawn)

Glitchy Hooves / Donny Cyclops (Drawn)(Normal)

Tank the Tortoise (Drawn)(Normal)

Gummy (Drawn)(Alt)

Angel Bunny (Drawn)

Casesar (Drawn)

Berryshine (Drawn)

Sparkler (Gen1) (Drawn)(Normal)

Celestia’s Door (Mixed)(Random)

Hydra (Mixed)(Normal)

Philomena (Text)(RP)

Star Catcher (Text)(RP)(G1/2 pony)

An Apple Pie (Text)(Random)

Basil the Dragon (Text)(RP)

Smarty Pants (Text)(Normal)

Toy Minty (Drawn)(Normal)

Multiple Characters

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Various (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Random) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Normal)(Human) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Mixed)(Normal)

Letters to Equestria (Everyone)

Baby Ponies (Drawn)(Normal) 

Garry’s Mod Ponies

ASCII Ponies (Drawn)(Normal)

Pony Blobs (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) 

Ball Ponies (Drawn)(Normal)

Mail Ponies (Drawn)(Normal)

Snips, Snails 

Snips, Applebloom (Drawn)(Normal)

Pound Cake, Pumpkin Cake (Drawn)(Normal)

Big Macintosh, Braeburn (Drawn)(Normal)

Sparkler, Dinky, Diamond (Drawn)(Normal)

Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash (Drawn) (Drawn)(Random) (Text)(Shipping)

Pinkie Pie and Friends (Drawn)

Octavia, Vinyl Scratch (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Mixed)(Shipping)

Applejack, Rarity (Drawn)(Normal)

Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie (Drawn)(Shipping) (Drawn)(Alt)(Dark)

Bon Bon, Lyra (Drawn)(Shipping) (Drawn)(Shipping)

Aloe, Lotus / Spa Ponies (Drawn)(Normal) 

The Pie Sisters (Drawn)(Normal) 

Rarity, Flutterrage (Drawn)(Alt)

Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Lyra, Bon Bon (Drawn)(Normal) 

Pinkie Pie, Pinkamena, Surprise (Drawn)(Normal) 

Photo Finish, Picture Perfect (Drawn)(Normal)(NSFW) 

Applejack, Rainbow Dash (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)

Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash (Drawn)(Normal)

Ditzy/Derpy and Dinky (Drawn)(Normal)

Lily, Roseluck, Daisy (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal)

Discord, Pinkie Pie (Drawn)(Shipping)

Pocket Ponies (Photos)(Normal)

Derpy, Dinky, Sparkler (Mixed)(Normal)

Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Surprise (Text)(RP)

Big Macintosh, Rainbow Dash (Drawn)(Normal)

Human Vinyl and Derpy

MSPA Style

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09 Dec

Moonstuck (Drawn)

Sugarcube Chronicles (Drawn)

Tiara Lost (Drawn)

E.R.I.S Void (Eris) (Drawn)

Daringhack! (Daring Do) (Text)

Gender Swap/Rule 63

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Dusk Shine (Twilight Sparkle)

Berry Bubble (Pinkie Pie) (Text)(RP)(r63)

Rainbow Blitz (Rainbow Dash) (Mixed)(Normal)(r63) (Text)(RP)(r63)

AppleJack (Applejack) (Mixed)(RP)(r63)

Butterscotch (Fluttershy) (Text)(RP)(r63)

Spines (Spike) (Text)(RP)(r63)

Octavius (Octavia) (Mixed)(r63)

Tristan (Trixie)


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09 Dec

Madmax (Madmax) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Animated)(Drawn)

Vocational Death Cruise (Drawn)(Potentially NSFW)

Velvet (Carnifex) (Mod)(Drawn)

Karma and Discentia (Reddit) (Drawn)

Brony Chat (Brony Chat Humble Bundle) (Drawn)(Normal)

Littlepip (Fallout Equestria) (Text)

Red Eye (Fallout Equestria) (Text)

Calamity (Fallout Equestria)

Nyx (Past Sins) (Text)

The Blanks / Sunny Town / Ruby (Story of the Blanks) (Text)

Krastos the Glue Maker (General)  (Text)


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09 Dec

Yosuke (Persona 4) (Drawn)(Normal)

Dr Adorable (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog) (Drawn)(Normal)

Sherlock (Sherlock) (Drawn)(Normal)

Dan Vs. FiM (Dan Vs.) (Drawn)

TF2 Ponies (TF2) (Drawn)(Normal)

Rincewind and Star Swirl the Beareded (Discworld)

FF Ponies (Final Fantasy) (Drawn)(Normal)

Illipony (?) (Text)

Pony Floyd (Pink Floyd) (Drawn)(Normal)

Heavy and Fluttershy

OC Ponies

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(Note: Not checked very often, sorry. )

Inquiry (Drawn)

Minty (Drawn)

Cloudia (Drawn)

Fanny Silvermind (Drawn)(Normal)  Fanny Silvermind

Maplejack (Drawn)(Normal)

Cache (Drawn)

E the Pony (Embroidery)

Whirly and the Night Guards (Drawn)(Normal)

A Donkey (Drawn)(Normal)

Chocolate Pony (Drawn)(Normal)

Fuselight (Drawn)

Smores (Drawn)

Klodette (Drawn)(NSFW)

Lucky Draw (Drawn)(NSFW)

Ice Pack (Drawn)

Gauche Dab (Drawn)

Flash Blitz

Stormy Hero (Drawn)

Tempo (Drawn)(Normal)

Smokey McPot (Drawn)

Crade Elcin (Drawn)(NSFW)

Masquerade (Drawn)

DawnStar (Drawn)(Normal)

Scoops Inkstain (Drawn)(Dark)

Dust Cloud (Drawn)

Cteno (Drawn)(Questionable)

Sugar Cloud (Drawn)

Sky High (Drawn)

Nocturne Sonata (Drawn)

EarthBound (Drawn)

Sunny Wings (Drawn)

Lantern (Drawn)

Northern Winds (Drawn)

Staccato Beat (Drawn)(Normal)

Pun Pony (Drawn)(Normal)

Regular Pony (Drawn)(Normal)

Toni (Drawn)(Normal)

Ipsywitch (Drawn)(Dark)

Mjӧlna (Drawn)(Normal)

Cotton Boon (Drawn)

Brony Trio (Drawn)

Vixy (Drawn)(NSFW)

Paper Scoop (Drawn)

Mocha Delight (Drawn)(Normal)

Etch a Sketch (Drawn)

Zombie Pony (Drawn)(Dark)

Lemon Squeeze (Drawn)

Kudas (Drawn)

Rainbow Pie (Drawn)

Forrest Flash (Drawn)(Normal)

Ysiad the Alien (Drawn)(Normal)

Dark Pinkie (Drawn)(Normal)

Blitzen (Drawn)

Morning Hue (Drawn)

Greythe Filly

Honey Suckle (Drawn)

Copic Pen, Last Call (Drawn)

A Typical OC Pony (Drawn)(Normal)

Tenandra Ponies (Drawn)(Normal)

Argembarger (Drawn)

Shooting Starbow (Drawn)

Periwinkle (Drawn)

Wayward (Drawn)

Virtue (Drawn)

Star Chaser (Drawn)

Version 30 (Drawn)

Ordo Nova (Drawn)(Normal)

Brony Dance Party 

Sweet Cream (Drawn)(NSFW)

Midnight Shadow (Drawn)

Attichu (Drawn)

Dipsifore (Drawn)

Party Rainbow (Drawn)

Pegachess (Text)

Pastel (Drawn)

Dewdrop (Drawn)

Arcane (Drawn)

Cutie Pie

D. Scribe and Chubby Bunny (Drawn)(Normal)

Garbage Ponies (Drawn)(Normal)

39x93 (Drawn)

Guard Pony 13 (Drawn)

Milky Mane (Drawn)

Angevin (Drawn)

Little Emerald (Drawn)(Normal)

Lenard (Drawn)

Band Aid (Drawn)(NSFW)

Atom Split (Drawn)

Colton Mustang (Drawn)

Spotlight (Drawn)(NSFW)

Kits Pony (Drawn)(NSFW)

Blackwell (Drawn)(Normal)

Handman (Drawn)(Normal)

Money Shot (Drawn)

Mathquestria (Drawn)

Ponibooru Crufavers (Drawn)

Raffish Pip (Drawn)(NSFW)

Deathklop (Drawn)

Silent Step (Drawn)(NSFW)

Infernal (Drawn)

Fetchbeer (Drawn)

Pride (Drawn)

Double Helix (Drawn)(Dark)

Parcher Stencil (Drawn)

Venonat (Drawn)

Lovelight (Drawn)

Wondercloud Lightningbolt (Drawn)(Random)

Bowtie Emily (Drawn)

Shadowflame (Drawn)

Lovecolt (Audio)

Flaxen Dusk (Drawn)

IT Crowd Ponies 

Bright Eyes (Mixed)(Normal)

Cake Pop (Mixed)(Normal)

Maestro (Mixed)

Cristails (Mixed)

Birch Forest (Mixed)

Wild Card (Mixed)(NSFW)

Wheat Bolt (Mixed)(Random)

Gemini (Mixed)(Normal)

LazyDay (Mixed)  

Forte Feather (Mixed)

Turning Tricks (Text)(NSFW)(RP)

Sunshine Star (Text)(RP)(NSFW)

Everlight (Text)(RP)(NSFW)

Electrode (Text)(Normal)

Starlett (Text)

Mordenheim (Text)(Grimdark)

Flashpoint (Text)(Normal)

Nova Sparks (Text)(Normal)

Fleur De Stalker (Text)

Crystal Clear (Text)

Shooter Scoops (Text)

Murky Depths (Text)

Sky Sisters (Text)

Bliv (Text)

Aweless (Text)

Shadow Dash (Text)

Spunky Swirl (Text)

Metal Rainbow Dash (Text)

Time Knight Jr. (ATTR, ATTF) (Text)

Crescen (Text)

Shooting ‘Lenexes’ Star (Text)(RP)

Smart Brain (Text)

Lulamoon (Text)

Litteras Anticus (Text)

Lightning Bolt

Kibi (Text)

Roboshi (Text)

Rusty Nail (Text)

Phyrric Victory (Text)

Erudition Bolt (Text)

Starbuck (Text)

Cobalt Lionheart (Text)(RP)

Galaxior (Text)

Green Mane (Text)

Saburou (Text)

Lizzy (Text)

Crystal Heart (Text)

Firefly (Text)

Mythic Swarm (Text)

Rook Chess (Text)

Crystal Heart (Text)

Leeroy Wingkins (Text)

Sturmpony (Text)

Miss Isis (Text)

Umbra Eclipse (Text)

Alex Wingace (Text)

Professor Coltbalt (Text)

Tuh Pink Avenger (Text)

Obsidian Storm (Text)

Caesar (Text)

Unusual Crate (Text)

Lemon Drop (Text)

Rosemary (Text)

Ignus and Bolt (Text)

Aperture (Text)

Nightstrike (Text)

Banana Mustang (Text)

Bat Colt (Text)

Kyle Strudel (Text)


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(Note: These blogs haven’t posted anything for over a month. Try poking them with a question.) 06 Feb (Drawn)(Normal)


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(Note: Thse blogs haven’t posted in over a two months or have closed down and are kept for posterity.) 20 Jan (Text) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Mixed) (Drawn) (Mixed) (Mixed) (Mixed) (Mixed) (Text) (Drawn) (Text) (Mixed) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Text) (Mixed) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Mixed) (Text) (Text)(Colt) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Text) (Drawn) (Text) (Drawn) (Drawn)  (Mixed) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Mixed) (Mixed) (Text) (Drawn) (Text) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Text) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Mixed)(Normal) (Drawn)(Pinkamena)(NSFW)(Dark) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn) (Drawn)(Normal) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Text)  (Text) (Text)  (Text) (Text) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Text) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Text) (Text) (Drawn) (Text)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Text)(RP) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Dark) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Text)(Normal) (Text)(RP) (Text)(RP) (Mixed)(Alt)

http://askflutterf* (Mixed)(NSFW) (Text)(Normal) (Text)(RP) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Text)(Normal) (Drawn) (Drawn)(Random) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Alt) (Text)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Text)(Normal) (Text)(RP) (Text) (Crazy Pinkie) (Drawn) (Drawn)(Human) (Drawn)(Human Applejack) (Mixed) (Drawn) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Drawn)(Random)(NSFW) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Drawn)(Normal)

Unused Domains/Broken Links

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(Note: These are domains that either have no ask button, are broken, or are not pony related. They get cleared every once in a while)


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Tag System:

(Drawn): Mostly or all drawn responses

(Mixed): Split between drawn and text responses

(Text): Text or image macro responses

(Normal): Regular SFW blogs.

(Alt): Alternative SFW character type blogs. E.g Pinkamena / Flutterbully / Crazy Twilight etc.

(Shipping): Blogs involving quite blatant shipping.

(Grimdark): Blogs with gore/blood/all that kind of stuff.

(Dark): Blogs that are a bit creepy but not completely grimdark.

(Questionable): Blogs with borderline adult content.

(NSFW): Blogs with adult content.

(Random): Blogs that are just plain random.

(RP): Blogs more involved in the tumblr RP.

Changes since 05 April 2012

New Blogs: (Drawn)(Questionable) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Alt)(Dark) (Drawn)(Dark) (Drawn) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Mixed)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal)(Shipping) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Dark) (Text) (Drawn) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Alt) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)

Re-active: (Drawn)(Normal)

Inactive: (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal)(Dark) (Drawn)(Grimdark) (Mixed)(Normal) (Drawn)(Normal) (Drawn)(Alt) (Mixed)(Alt) (Drawn)(Dark)(Human) (Text)(Normal) (Mixed)(Alt)