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Java & Scala Internet Programming HIT Summer 2010



Abelski Course





Developing Java SE Applications

Introductions; Let’s Start; The Basics; Introduction to OOP; Object Oriented Programming; Arrays & Strings; Inheritance

1. You should install JDK on your computer. You can follow the small clips at ‘Developing Java SE Applications’.

2. You should complete all assignments in all topics.
3. You should read the hebrew texts and watch the relevant vide clips at following topics:
יסודות השפה
מחלקות ואובייקטים
מערכים ומחרוזות תווים
הורשה וממשקים

4. You should install the Eclipse ID. You can find few video clips that explain how to work with the Eclipse both at and at (within the ‘Java SE Developers Guide to Eclipse’). You should download ‘Eclipse IDE for Java Developers’ at

Towards next meeting I strongly recommend you to read and watch the relevant clips about Inner Classes and Threads. You can find clips both in hebrew ( and in english (



Developing Java SE Applications

Inner Classes; Applets; Exceptions Handling; I/O Streams; Networking;
Threads; Java Utilities

You should complete all assignments in the following topics: Inner Classes, Exceptions Handling, I/O Streams, Threads



Developing Java SE Applications; Java SE Reflection Introduction; Java SE Assertion Facility; Java SE Generics Introduction

Networking; Java Utilities; GUI using AWT; Events Handling;

Introduction; The ‘Class’ Class; The Class Members; The Array Type;

Introduction to Assertions;Using Assertions; Assertion Examples;

Introduction; Subtypes; Wildcards; Indepth

You should complete all assignments in the following topics: Java SE Reflection Introduction, Java Assertions Facility and
Java SE Generics Introduction.



Java SE Annotation Facility; Java SE Collections Framework; Java SE Swing
Introduction; Java SE Images Processing

Introduction to Annotation; Annotations Syntax; Standard Annotations; Annotation Processing Introduction; Performance; Set; List
Queue; Map; Introduction; Events; Handling; MVC Architecture; Basic; Components; Toggle Buttons; Menu & Toolbars; Borders; Containers; Pop Ups; Layout Managers; Advanced Containers; Bounded; Range Components; List Model; Components; Spinner Model; Components; Text Based Components; The Tree Component;
The JTable Component; Threads Issues

You should complete all assignments in the following topics: Java SE Annotation Facility
and Java SE Collections Framework.



The JUnit Framework; Java SE Efficient Programming; Java SE Design Patterns

Introduction to JUnit; Eclipse and JUnit; The JUnit Assertions; Introduction to Efficiency; Declaring Classes; Objects Instantiations;
Using Strings; Declaring Interfaces; Using Generics; Using Enums; Using Annotations; Handling Exceptions; Threads Programming;
Collections Usage; Structural Patterns; Behavioral Patterns; Creational Patterns; Concurrency Patterns

You should complete all assignments in the following topics: The JUnit Framework, Java SE Efficient Programming and Java SE Design Patterns.



Scala Fundamentals

Introduction; Basics; Objects & Classes; Operators

You should complete all assignments in all topics.



Scala Fundamentals

Control Statements; Functions;
Closures; Inheritance; Control Structures; Hierarchy; Traits; Packages;

You should complete all assignments in all topics.



Scala Fundamentals

Assertions; Unit Testing; Exceptions Handling; Patterns Matching; Collections;
Lists; Type Parametrization; Abstract Members; Stateful Objects; Types Conversions



Scala Fundamentals

Extractors; Annotations; Scala & XML; Objects Comparisons; Java Integration; Concurrency

URL Links Summary
This is the web site on which you can find most of the training material, including the slides, the assignments and the solutions for most of them. In addition, please note the video clips each relevant course includes.

This web site includes short hebrew tutorial together with links for small video clips in hebrew hosted on youtube. This resource covers the basic topics in Java only.

This is where you should download and install the JDK. This site includes many more resources relevant for our course. You can find guidelines for installing the JDK at ‘Java SE Applications Development’ course at

This web site is where you can download the Eclipse IDE. In addition, you can find in this web site many more resources relevant for using the Eclipse, such as tutorials and a detailed overview of this IDE. 
This is Scala main web site. In this web site you can download the Scala SDK as well as many other relevant resources for using this software programming language.
This is the Java AP online documentation. This is your best friend during the course and afterwards, as far as it concerns for Java programming.