Public Service Message

A public service message is a message for the public that’s meant to educate them about important information.  The endangered species’ public messages will educate the public about endangered species’ endangerment and conservation (how we can save them).  Follow the steps below to create your one-minute public service message.

A. Write your script - Use the Guide Below:

1.  “Grab” your audience with a wonderful introduction of words and images (music too if you’d like).

2.  Tell your audience why the animal is endangered.

3.  Tell your audience how they can help save that animal.  Convince them in words and image.

B.  Practice reading your script from above.

C.  Decide what venue you are going to use for your message.  Choose one from the list below.

  1. iMovie
  2. PhotoBooth
  3. KidPix

D.  Start creating your message using the following items:

  1. Voice recording of your script.
  2. Images.
  3. Music if you’d like.
  4. Word slides.

E.  Show your completed message to Ms. Devlin for edits and uploading.