Mistakes in Meiosis Notes


  1. Create a post on edublogs called “Mistakes in Meiosis” with the following tags: chromosomes, mutations, meiosis, gametes, and non-disjunction.
  2. Copy an paste the following questions into your blog post.
  3. Visit the the Mistakes in Meiosis website here to view the tutorial.
  4. Answer the questions as you watch the animation.


  1. Meiosis creates ____  __________(haploid/diploid) cells.
  2. Explain the differences between haploid and diploid cells.

Non-disjunction can occur in meiosis I or meiosis II.  In humans when non-disjunction occurs in meiosis I, those cells do not function and cannot be fertilized.

  1. Explain what the four gametes are like when non-disjunction occurs in a cell with two homologous chromosomes, during meiosis II.  (This is animated and drawn for you.)
  1. Gamete:
  2. Gamete:
  3. Gamete:
  4. Gamete:
  1. How many of the above cells are haploid?
  2. Define trisomy:
  3. Describe how non-disjunction affects humans, when it occurs in humans.
  4. Plants can have multiple sets of chromosomes. What is this called?