Scenario #1

Mrs. Kaiser prides herself in holding students accountable in her Pre-Algebra classroom. When it comes to homework, if students don’t have it totally done the next day, they get a zero. In her words, “If they don’t have the self discipline to complete the homework I give them, then they get NO CREDIT”

Scenario #2

Mr. Goerend enjoys teaching 6th grade math. He has a great routine in his classroom. Each day, when students enter class, each student trades papers. Mr. Goerend then goes through the answers while students correct each paper. They then turn the papers in and Mr. Goerend enters their scores into the gradebook.

Scenario #3

Mr. Carlson prides himself in being a progressive teacher. He’s read some work on allowing students to redo poor assignments and tests. He allows students to redo an assignment if they get a failing grade. Each missed problem can be redone for half credit. He feels this allows students to relearn some of the ideas they didn’t understand.

Scenario #4

Mrs. Claus loves teaching Pre-Calc. Her students are always on task. She finds that students perform best when held to high standards of daily work. She does have a heart and does allow her students to earn more points if they do poorly on an assignment. For each section, she has a group of homework problems that students can do to earn those points they miss on an assignment. Students and parents enjoy the ability to “earn” a better grade.