NEXT MEETING: 2/2/2011 Wednesday

I. President’s Report

      A) Recap of 2010 accomplishments (monthly mixers, premixer convention, scrabble,

           multimedia panels, google groups, softball games, AADELF)

           Relaunching 2011 to be better.

      B) Board Ethics and Decorum (Paul/Annalisa)

           -Paul handed out AAJA code of conduct and example of board descriptions.

           -Communication that needs to be private, must stay private

           - Be honest when you can’t commit and make deadlines

          - Establish NYC board chapter responsibilities. Maria will spearhead roles and

            responsibility list. Board will vote and finalize next meeting.

       C) Membership Survey

            -Sital will send survey reminders. Survey will be up for another 2 weeks.

           -  Katie will lead commitee to strategize plan base on the member survey. Richard,

              David, Sital, Brooke, and Maria will help.

           - Survey findings: Members are interested: in online media, professional workshops,

             networking events, and speakers (ie: Anne Curry, Bill Keller, Connie Chung, Lisa Ling).

             movie screenings and food tastings. Member survey are composed of: a younger

             crowd, mostly freelancers, few managers, and are willing to pay 1-$10 for networking


            -Email Katie your 3 dream speakers.

           - Sital and Anna  will form Presidents Advisory board. Board  will include heavy hitters,

              some non Asians, non journalists, who has money and iinfluence Sital will create

              specific boards responsiblity (ie: Juju Chang, NYT owner)

          D) Goals for 2011. Everyone email 3 goals for AAJA to Sital

 II. Secretary’s Report

          A) Attendance

               - Every meeting is mandatory.

               - Must email Maria in advance if you will miss with a excuse-work/emergency only.

               - Missing a meeting? Voting members must assign proxy

               - Conference Calls meetings on light agenda days.

III. Treasury Report

           A)  Beginning balance: 51, 227.44

                 Projected 2011 total expenses: 12,945.00

                 2010 expense: 15,144.04

                 2010 income: 5,951.05

            B)  Paul recommends putting $20,000 away as restricted funds.

            C) No money from membership dues. Paul will get in touch with Chris with details.

            D) No budget for JCamp. Paul and Richard mentioned helping to get sponsors to give $

            and or teach for JCamp.

IV. Digital Notes (event ideas)

            A) Richard and Brooke will send Bea details of CNN Atlanta digital events. 1 day, 6

           stops, all platform digital how-tos for journos.

            B) Instead of an event this January, 1st digital event will be bigger with panels later in the

            year. IE includes: Google Panel, Pauls’ websites, Sree’s networking, Tihua’s broadcast...  

            C) Volunteer subcommitte: Paul and Brooke

V. Print Notes (event ideas)

            A) Ed will spearhead movie screenings. He has contacts who can talk about

              screenwriting, red cameras, producing etc.

           B) From book ideas to theatres an event linked with Asian American Writers Workshop

           C) Screen writing session

           D) How to get your book published with invited agents. This is a maybe, from Ed.

VI. Broadcast Notes (goals by Richard/Brooke)

          A) Asians are hot tickets on MSNBC and CNN. Let’s get the word out and get people

              hired. Job opportunities for editors and on-air faces.

          B) Wanted Asian Experts on finance,  culture, medicine, business, etc. There needs to be

               an ubber list of experts on hand nationally.

          C) Subcommitee: Katie, Bea, Annalisa, Maria

          D) Annalisa mentioned an foodtasting event at Food Network.

VII. National Rep:

          A) Katie will proxy Annalisa @ National Board meeting March 2-4.

          B) No ELP

VIII. Updates

          A) Listserve transition is good thanks to Charles.

          B) Change term “Marketing” to “Community Relations”. Paul will email Maria AAJANY

               approved logo.

          C) Facebook and Twtitter updated. Website upcoming. Email pics and summary to Maria

          D) Expired Membership List. Email Katie if you know and can contact anyone on that list.

          E) Silent Auction still needs champion

          F) Columbia Job Fair--- only board members will man desk.

Meeting Details

Location: Fox News Building

Board Attendees:

Sital Patel, Maria Sandoval, Paul Cheung, Katie Benner, Annalisa Burgos, Chris Chang,

Richard Lui, Bea Hundal, Ed Lin

Member Attendees: Brooke Camp (brooke.camp@turner.com), Carolyn Shin (carolineshin01@gmail.com), Elisa Mala (elisamala7@gmail.com), Contessa Bourbon (vritzy@aol.com),  Anne Lee (leeanne@ucla.edu), Ramy Innocencio (ramy_inocencio@hotmail.com)