MVSNA Meeting Notes – 2008-02-19

MVSNA officers: Cary Silverman (President), Si Kailian (1st Vice President), Horton Beebe-Center (2nd Vice President), Nicole Manara (Corresponding Secretary), Rob Amos (Treasurer), Jefferson Parke (Recording Secretary)

At Large board members: Lee Pellegrino, Thais Austin, Deborah Ziska, Paul Corsi, Adamio Boddie

Reports and Announcements

Public Safety Report

1st District Lt. Gary Durand (PSA 101):

Q&A&Comments – Responses provided by Lt. Gary Durand:

A: 101 is a huge area. Brian Grogan is the Captain of 101 (

Q: The chimney has a lot of drug dealing. What are the police doing about it?

A: It’s a difficult issue for a number of reasons. We have to have probable cause to search suspects. There are a lot of open air drug markets and we want to shut them down instead of simply moving them around the city. I’ll inform the patrol officers.

Q: Can the camera at NJ and Mass be used for police surveillance?

A: Not sure but you can find out at by searching for cameras.

Cary Silverman on PSA 308:

Update on the O Street Market

Armond Spikell:

Q&A&Comments – Responses provided by Armond Spikell:

A: Make sure that we don’t lose more on-site parking. The cost of underground parking and loading for the buildings is really high. To pay for those costs we had to design the project to be fairly large and we had to borrow from DC through tax increment financing (TIF). We don’t want to lose any more of the productive parts of the project because that would lead to more loss in the parking.

Q: When do you start building?

A: October 2009 is the current estimate.

Q: How about providing jobs for the homeless?

A: We’re hoping to hire a lot of people from the neighborhood. As long as they can pass a regular drug test they will be candidates for employment.

Brief Statement from Jack Evans

DC Coop Children’s Playground – Deedee Slewka

Election of Officers

President: Cary Silverman

            1st Vice President: Si Kailian

            2nd Vice President: Horton Beebe-Center

            Treasurer: Rob Amos

            Corresponding Secretary: Nicole Manara

            Recording Secretary: Jefferson Parke

            At-Large Member: Deborah Ziska

            At-Large Member: Lee Pellegrino

            At-Large Member: Paul Corsi

            At-Large Member: Reverend Adomio Boddie

            At-Large Member: Thais Austin

Second Annual Mount Vernon Square Hero Awards

Adjournment to Potluck Banquet!