International Trading Simulations : Our Reflections on What we Have Learned

Group Report

  1. Here are some questions that you might choose to answer during your presentation. You can answer more if you want.
  2. Not everyone has to speak, but it should be more than 1 person (at least two)
  3. You don't have to have slides, but have a handout or some visual media to help understanding
  4. Start your presentation with an outline of the questions you will answer in your presentation and then go through it.
  5. You only have 10 minutes, don't try to do too much
  6. Evaluation of group performance - online form that each group member can choose to submit

Individual Report

  1. One page long, submitted on the 1st of December
  2. Assessment is based on the quality of things you say, not the quantity. Write using bullet points, not paragraphs or essays
  3. Discuss how the negotiation simulations impacted you, in relation to the things we learned in class
  4. Worth 5 points

You must mention each negotiation cycle you participated in, how it went and what you learned from it.

Example of things you can talk about