I am a throne made of kittens hidden under vault

I wrestle the villain while skydiving

I lay sod on the front lawn wearing wristbands

I take off my gloves to shake your hand

I just met you and this is crazy but

I am transforming from a blacksmith’s oven

into a hot air balloon shaped like a heart


I used to long for greatness and exposure I used to dream of the soapbox

but now I am drinking the fuel of our truly

my life is trending I am leaving the nets behind

now I have a purpose just me and you baby

all the rest of them are just background dancers to our love story


there is a dark past there is a fry cook

there are the sounds of crunching ants

I cover my body in grease and go eye to eye with this life

the traumas have taught me the traumas have taught me

the traumas have taught me how to be ready to love you


we are a thing

we are a centaur

with four legs and

two heads and two hearts

that are beating in unison

there are unicorns walking with us on the open field

there winged horses flying above us I gallop with you

there is a rusted robot covered in butterflies

there is a log that sparkles

I can no longer tell the difference

between dream and reality

I feel the wings of my heart against my ribcage

I’m finally as crazy as this crazy world

I wear pants I look in the mirror

I am crazy about you darling


you put on a kitten mask and look deeply into my eyes sup your shirt hangs off your shoulder sup you are wearing your pjs sup you are dancing sup damn gurlll you sexy sup are you listening to the song sup that’s it just like that sup bounce bounce bounce sup lusty overflow sup the sound of your lollipop sup eating anything sup I have never felt such ness sup you don’t even have to do anything and I’m all sup bought a bunch inflatable godzillas and put them on the bed sup sup sup


and you were all like : )))))))

and i was all like omg i relate to that emoticon i will use it too

: ))))))

then I started using it all the time when I talked to people

and being like oh wow look at that beard of smiles

I never used to type laughter either

but now I feel it so sincerely

I do it everyday

haha lol



lolololol hahahahahaahahah lololol


I touch the earbuds I take photos of flowers

I walk up the steps I carry you with me

you are riding on my heart like it is a war elephant

the battles of this life will be just the scenery

to our truly romantic eyeballs

life will come for us with torches

it will hold the pitchforks with both hands

no bother babybabe

I will walk between you and these barking dogs

I will grin life down I will talk it off the ledge

I will touch your elbow so gently

that everything else will fade away

every now and then


you make my heart grow

like a rappers bank acount




out of happiness I cry on the bed out of happiness I buy a CD on the street out of happiness I dance on the subway out of happiness I weave through the crowd smiling and I cheer when Harry defeats Voldemort and I look out the window and think about you and I sigh into the wind and think about you and I wait for the train and think about you and you are a calm meditation that guides me through the day effortlessly and I am not home until I see your face out of happiness I am not home until I see your face out of happiness I clean my room and whistle out of happiness I write you an email to tell you everything out of happiness I hide parts so that only we know about them out of happiness because you understand this silly sensitive man inside this warrior out of happiness I fly out the window out of happiness I land on a tree limb out of happiness i sing with the birds I sing your name as the sun rises I say that’s right thank you show me how it’s done


I will never forget your hands through my hair

never in my life

it is burned into my body

I feel it

feel like i can almost see it

from outside myself


you make me believe the sun is real

when I think of you sometimes

I am speechless I feel powerful but

my jaw is hanging open I am just a witness

and I cannot describe it

and I cannot describe it

there there my darling

the rest is in my eyes


I said this feels like a bulletproof vest a fireproof blanket or a lifejacket

you said this feels like a jacket made of kittens licking you


I talk to you a little and feel my heart come alive

I sit in the chair inside I am spinning

like the pinwheel of real happiness

I wanna whisper something to you

in a crowd

that makes you blush

I wanna put my hands


your pockets and sway to the music

I wanna buy a redwood and cut it into boards

and build

us a house in the middle of nowhere

with strong wifi and an endless library of props

I run up the stairs

I run down the stairs

I do one thousand push ups in your honor

I walk five hundred miles

I swim around in a pool

I tie my shoes in an aquarium

I walk five hundred more because

I wanna be the man that falls

down at your door

Da da lat da

Da da lat da


in the morning

you will see

I tweeted

for you

my love


some dogs

that bark your name

all the time

without ever being annoying


we are riding the bus together

the bus is stops

the door is caught on a fire hydrant

no one will touch the door

so I got up and I pull the door

and I worked it passt the hydrant

nbd we got no time for delay

we’s goin places

I will do whatever it takes


you are the air conditioner

that cools my skin

from inside


I don’t know either and that is okay

just look at me and think about it

and I will feel with you

no need to explain it away

this is a singularity

made of continual big bangs

I don’t know

it is okay

it is not scary

it is ease


I am laying in bed with you

I am pressing my hips into you

to feel you against me

you give me a reason

to over come the cravings

of that secondary fearful life

that life of failures amplifiers

the song moves me forward

large buildings grow from the sidewalk

I climb the outside of a trolly

and ride toward you after work

I clip on to the zipline and move at highspeeds

through the village of the scary ghosts and I do not scream

because I am unfear I am loved and lovingly

this is a dance I do without moving

I cry into the dixie cup

I set it next to bed

I put on cry baby

I offer you a sip

to be romantic

and you don’t hesitate

you down the whole thing

and kiss my mouth mid awe


girl you the trillest I jump over the garbage cans I run down the hallway I look into every classroom I find you in the middle of class I kiss you in front of everyone they say aww I saw goodgoddamm you are more beautiful today than yesterday just like everyday I am rolling around in a pile of money I wear antlers on the escalator the sound of tarantulas surrounds me but I dont give a fuck I am hurtling the danger and beating the odds there is no time to look around it is happening now I am living my dreams my dreams have found me you are my dreams come to life you are the trillest I hear the rampaging parades I whistle I grow facial hair accidentally I dont question it there is no superficial boundary to fear there is nothing to fear it just fits it just feels right for the first time in my life I am liveing the dream because my girl she is the trillest i don’t know how I got here i cant type fast enough I want to roll down the roof of the worlds largest mall I see the hang glider carrying us next to the cliffs we are moving on from the darkness we have conquored the darkness by being our dumb selves and finding someone to be dumb with while we struggle with the call together I fight the dragons and when I am nearly defeated you clip the spine and swing us via vine to the outskirts of the forest your speed in unmatched you are a master of movements with grace girl you put the slot machines unpredictability to shame girl you are the trillest and I used to fear the way things would be and resigned myself to a loveless life in the shadows of society and now i have found you and there is music and overflowing positivity I look life in the eyes I say bring it on I say hahahaha I say :)))))) and there are trumpets and rotating patterns of notes and a strobe light and a dancing lawn gnome and a couple of saps looking into each others eyes a couple of sentamental breathers and they are us in love on the raft moving down the river it is us snuggling like idiots because we must because it doesn’t matter anymore we have found each other and the hovering aliens are no threat there are unicorns and animals hanging from the trees I stand in the center of the old circus I tear it down I let the animals free I move on from the darkest parts and keep the light for us because it is up to me to find my light to bring to you to make your life better if i can if I can I will bring it on I will pour it on I will hold nothing back I will let go and be myself because I owe it to you for being the perfect fit the effortless match the deepest of connections there is a child that was hiding inside a teenager that was hiding in an adult and when you came into my life the child escaped and took over and now everything is wonder and I can see my connection to the fly and I am changed for the better because I have faith in something that I know is real because I feel it and I witness it and I live to see it grow like a flower emoticon on skype over and over and over and girl you are the trillest i dream of your body I want to make you have to change girl I wanna bend you over I wanna have a taste rn but the tanker floats a hundred miles off the shore there are bats circling the supermarket I wanna whisper more and mumble dumbly and be so goofy on the floor with you there is no stopping this growing sensation these aching feet are no match bring on the miles bring on the monsters bring on the hordes bring on the fortress they are no match for these relentless loving feelings because girl you are the trillest and I am going to put rims on your car and court you and love you and take you out to dinner and bring you flowers and cut out hearts from pieces of construction paper and mix them into your things so you find them months later bring on the fifty foot waves bring on all the forces of nature at once bring on the tidalcanoequake bring on the swarms bring on the memories bring on the boring days brushing teeth bring on the stumbles bring on the difficulties bring on the loving rolling into walls bring on the learning bring on the forest in the middle of a desert bring on tyga and all the rappers with weapons and there will be no question we will get through it girl you are the trillest you are teaching me to feel romantic after so many fearful years