Email (excerpted), response to PolitiFact Texas, Bryan Eppstein, consultant to Jeff Wentworth campaign, July 23, 2012




Basically---- Campbell supports the National Sales Tax (Fair Tax) which is a call for a 23% National Sales Tax on ALL PURCHASES (to replace Federal income taxes) and she supports the Texas Public Policy Foundation /Empower Texans  call for a state consumption sales tax (which T. Helfin testified in May before the House Interim Ways and Means Committee would be between 11.5 and 14.25 PERCENT SALES TAX to replace property taxes).  


Campbell also signed an Empower Texans/Texans for Fiscal Responsibility candidate questionnaire pledging her support for a TOTAL replacement of property taxes with a state sales consumption TAX.


Based on TPPF/Talmedge Heflin's May testimony, we used 12 PERCENT as the STATE-LOCAL consumption tax component and the 23 PERCENT for the National Component to equal 35 PERCENT SALES TAX supported by Donna Campbell.  


Just the STATE-LOCAL consumption SALES TAX (11.5 to 14.24 PERCENT) would give Texas the highest SALES TAX IN THE NATION.






On Jul 23, 2012, at 10:34 AM, Selby, Gardner (CMG-Austin) wrote:


Good morning.


I see that Donna Campbell spoke favorably about a national consumption tax in 2010. I have not seen evidence she has endorsed a state sales tax hike. I do not see evidence she wants the described 35 percent rate and broadening.


If you have any other backup information for this particular claim, please share today.







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