Playbooks by stat:

Playbooks and their estate:

Ungiven future

Connections to this world


Servant workshop


Imperator workshop


The Devoted

Other playbooks

Reference hell:


Playbooks by stat:

cold: true king or queen, warrior

exalted: exemplar, servant, tempest

radiant: visionary, mortal, trickster, warden

gifted: poseur, mimic, treasurer

mystic: spirit, seeker, alchemist

Later playbooks: youngblood (exalted or radiant), leviathan (cold), devoted ones

Playbooks and their estate:

true king or queen: estate as a servant or soldier

trickster: estate as a helper

tempest: choose any estate move

warrior: estate as a weapon/tool?

exemplar: estate as a weapon/tool?

servant: I serve my estate

spirit: instill or incarnation

warden: building stuff

poseur: instill slowly, or boss around loudly

mimic: estate doesn’t really obey them

treasurer: estate as a weapon/tool? estate as a component?

alchemist: instill your estate? estate as a component?

seeker: instill your estate?

visionary: Midas or Solomon

Discuss with your HG some things you can and can not do with your estate.

My estate always...






I can make my estate...






My estate can never...






Ungiven future

__ get +1 to any stat (max +3)

__ get a connection to this world

__ expand basic moves

__ switch playbook for your character

__ start a new character in addition to your current one(s)

__ get another estate move?

Connections to this world

__ get a group and affiliated (the youngblood)

__ get an Imperator as per the servant playbook

__ get anchors as per the Spirit playbook

__ get followers and fortunes (the visionary)

__ get a move from any playbook, in a focus as per the move (the treasurer)

__ get a chancel and wondrous things (the warden)

__ get a crew of helpers, or guardian spirits, and wondrous creatures (the warden)

__ get a power base in the mortal world and business as usual (the poseur)


Servant workshop

When you risk your well-being for your Imperator or make progress on your Imperators wishes, take +1bond. When you sacrifice your own interests or opportunities for your Imperator, take +1bond. (These stack)

Old stats (sum at +3)

noble+2 cool+2 radiant-2 sharp+1 mystic-1

noble+2 cool+1 radiant=0 sharp+1 mystic-1

noble+2 cool+1 radiant=0 sharp-1 mystic+1

noble+2 cool+1 radiant+1 sharp-2 mystic+1

[x] I am but a servant: When there is a stretch of downtime, or your Imperator gets impatient, tell the HG which gigs you are working on (The HG might also tell you to take a gig or two) and roll+noble. 10+ All gigs are good. 7-9 One gig is bad, the rest are good. Miss: One gig is good, the rest are bad. Good gigs means you’ve already made progress off-screen or you’re right there and you’re Awesome. Bad gigs means there is a catastrophy coming up or already upon you.

For every Imperator gig after the first one you make progress on or save from catastrophy, take +1bond with your Imperator. If you haven’t saved or made progress on at least 2 Imperator gigs by the time you roll I am but a servant, take -1bond with your Imperator.

Your bond with your Imperator cannot go into negatives: If you would take -bond beyond 0, take turmoil instead, 1:1.

Your bond with your Imperator does not reset at +4.

[x] Make me awesome: When you’re working on a gig and need to be awesome, roll+bond with your Imperator. On a hit, you’re awesome, and gain bonuses to your stats according to your Imperator’s Code. Reset bond to 0. On a 10+, you also receive a bonus move. On a miss, you’re not awesome, and take -2bond.

[ ] Herald of the mythic: except when fighting for your own survival or personal benefit, you get +1cool (max cool+3).

[ ] When you confront an Imperator: Roll and choose:

- you understand what is happening

- you stand your ground

- you hide your thoughts

- you remember your plan

-you mark experience


Pick a number of Imperator gigs

- Fighting for and promoting their code

- Protecting and maintaining their chancel

- Strengthening their estate

- Humbling and counteracting their enemies and rivals

- Fighting their war

- Assisting their allies

- Harvesting power for them

- Gathering artifacts for them

- Working as their ambassador and champion

- Overseeing and working on a great project

Pick a number of personal gigs

- Building and maintaining a mortal life

- Finding and maintaining humanity

- Finding and maintaining love

- Winning and upholding honor

- Seeking knowledge or insight

- Building and maintaining power

- Seeking and maintaining pleasure and luxuries

- Seeking and maintaining status and popularity

- Seeking friends and contacts

- Helping someone or a group of people

- Working on a great project of your own

- Seeking revenge

(Moonlighting och gigs är projeknamn, förstås. Hela texten är en skiss)

Imperator workshop

Values and typically asks for:

[ ] struggle in the valde bellum        [ ] suffering of their enemies

[ ] construction and monuments        [ ] artifacts        [ ] love

[ ] heroism        [ ] you as a beacon        

Your Imperator is... (add mechanical effects)

[ ] generous: take one more grace when you recieve grace

[ ] careful: reset bond to +2 when you reach +5 instead of +1 when you reach +4.

[ ] cryptic: always vague or difficult to understand

[ ] strict: you may not use grace for values unless told so

[ ] tyrannical: take harm for disobeying

[ ] something something discerning

[ ] something something passionate

[ ] driven: gain bonds+1 when enforcing your Imperator’s Code

[ ] cultivating: gain bonds+1 when you cultivate your Estate in the world

[ ] caring: when you are gifted with Grace, also heal up to 2-harm

[ ] loving: for every time you reset bond, you may spend 1grace for whatever you like.

[ ] trusting: you may pass on grace to other people, but answer for how they spend it.

etc (GWB 135-153)

Your Imperator gifts you... Gifts

Spend one grace to recieve a gift. It is yours for an hour/a few hours/a scene/a day/as long as it takes you to finish what you’re doing

[ ] You can manifest your Imperator’s nature upon your surrounding

[ ] Your Imperator exalts you, take +2cool

[ ] Your Imperator gifts you with power, take +1noble

[ ] Your Imperator gifts you with insight, take +2mystic

[ ] Your Imperator can alter the mortal world slightly without mortals noticing

[ ] Your Imperator can advice you, +1 forward

[ ] You gain access to a move ____________ (choose one)

[ ] You gain access to a great gift ____________ (choose one)

[ ] Your Imperator protects you with a spiritual 3-armor (does not stack)

[ ] Your Imperator endows you with deadly powers, +1damage

[ ] You may choose to extend your auctoritas to include anything within about ten meters.


I have walked the earth for years and years


The Devoted


Estate: something treasured by your Code, something despised by your Code, something that’s ever-present, something that’s hard to find

Origin: created by angels or devils, scholar, student, seeker

Affiliation: Choose a Code: Angels, Fallen Angels, Light, Dark, Wild


Choose one set. For followers of the Code of the …

… Angels:

noble+2 cold+1 radiant+1 sharp-1 mystic=0

noble+1 cold+2 radiant-1 sharp=0 mystic+1

… Fallen Angels:

noble-1 cold=0 radiant+2 sharp+2 mystic-1

noble-2 cold+1 radiant+2 sharp+1 mystic+1

… Light:

noble+1 cold+2 radiant+1 sharp+1 mystic-2

noble+2 cold+2 radiant-2 sharp+1 mystic-1

… Dark:

noble=0 cold+1 radiant+2 sharp+1 mystic-1

noble-1 cold+1 radiant+1 sharp+2 mystic=0

… Wild:

noble+1 cold+1 radiant+1 sharp-2 mystic+2

noble=0 cold-1 radiant+1 sharp+1 mystic+2


You get basic moves and one “Code of the …” move of your choice.

Choose 2 devoted moves.

Devoted moves:

[ ] Long history: choose a move from another playbook. If you choose this at character creation, choose a move from a playbook that’s not in play.

[ ] Seeing something more: You may roll+sharp instead of +mystic when listening to the world, and you may roll+mystic instead of +sharp when assessing the situation or reading another.

[ ] Prophesies: When you enter battle, or a charged situation with irrevocable outcomes, roll+noble. On a 10+, name one person who’ll live and one who will die or be forever changed. On a 7-9, name one or the other. Name NPCs only. The HG will make your visions come true if it’s even remotely possible. On a miss, you foresee your own death and accordingly take -1 throughout the situation.

[ ] : when you are the only one present who follows your particular Code, you get -1vulnerable.

[ ]

[ ] Trusted servant : You gain an anchor (even if you don’t have the Anchors move) who:

- gains limited access to your estate the way you have, on her own

- can request for you to spend reserves to have her excel at the mundane on her own

- doesn’t count towards your maximum number of anchors

- is highly loyal to you; her hypothetical betrayal will be a deep crime against her being and if it ever happens, you mark experience four times.


__ get the other of your Code’s moves

Devoted special: When you have sex with someone, if they are unacceptable by your Code, scribble out one of the improvement options you haven’t taken yet. Don’t scribble out “change your character to a new playbook”.

Unacceptable by the Code of the …

… Angels: fallen angels and corrupt people

… Fallen Angels: angels and beautiful or flawless people

… Light: followers of the Dark and people with no faith in humanity

… Dark: humans

… Wild: oppressors, captors, slavers and the like

Other playbooks

- The Pawn - low-domain, controlled by their estate

- The Seeker - the noble who wants to find the truth behind it all. I guess he typically changes playbooks when he finds out and decides what to do about it - discontinued, split into the Visionary and the Traveller; to some extent also the Treasurer and the Servant

- The Youngblood? Kinda split into trickster and exemplar, which also draw heavily on seeker and warrior respectively

Other moves

Pawn moves:

[ ] Eager to know: when you go to someone for advice, they must tell you honestly what they think the best course is. If you pursue that course, take +1 to any rolls you make in the pursuit. If you pursue that course but don’t accomplish your ends, you mark experience.

Former Seeker moves:

[x] It’s just not me: if you ever get the chance, you can acquire a new estate without the usual breakdown and/or death that most nobles suffer. Your old estate leaves your soul but is yours to take care of - find a new keeper, tuck it in a safe, hide it in the sea, whatever. Every time you switch to a new estate, get +1noble (max +2).

[ ] Hippie weirdo: you get +1mystic (max +3)

[ ] Wicked insight: when helping or interfering with someone, roll+mystic instead of roll+bond.

[ ] Bonefeel: At the beginning of session, roll+mystic. On a 10+, hold 1+1; on a 7-9 hold 1. At any time, either you or the MC can spend your hold to have you already be there, with the proper knowledge, with or without any clear explanation why. If your hold was 1+1, take +1 forward as well. On a miss, the MC holds 1, and can spend it to have you already be there, but somehow pinned, trapped or caught.

Former Warrior moves:

[ ] Battlefield instincts: when you listen to the world, roll+cool instead of roll+mystic, but only in battle.

Former Treasurer moves:

[ ] I got just the thing: when you search your pockets, car trunk, or utility belt for something useful, describe your situation and roll+sharp. The HG’s job is to come up with something for you that she genuinely thinks you’ll find useful, that might be found among your equipment. On a 10+, you find it. On a 7-9, it’s either left in that other place you keep things, it’s malfunctioning, or it’s out of ammo or fuel. On a miss, turns out someone stole it, or you lost it.

[ ] I got just the thing mk2: when you need something and search your possessions and surroundings, tell the HG want you want to achieve and roll+sharp. The HG will tell you what the right thing for you right now is. On a 10+, (...); on a 7-9, the HG chooses 2:

- you’ll need to assemble it

- it’s out of reach

- it’s out of ammo or fuel

- it’s broken or unstable

[ ] Something borrowed: when wielding or using something more powerful than you are, roll+sharp instead of roll+cool when defying danger.

Former Youngblood/Trickster moves:

[ ] Pay attention to me! When you make yourself the center of attention of a crowd, roll +radiant. 10+ Choose 2. 7-9, You choose 1 and the HG chooses 1.

- you provoke a fight or get into one

- you awaken a desire in someone

- you successfully defile a tradition, code or common sense

- everyone is distracted

- something breaks spectacularly

[ ] Wine instead of blood: You know of and can get into any party. When you go to a party, roll+sharp. On a hit, you decide when, where and how you make your entrance. On a 10+, you also have the perfect gift, show or revelation with you. On a miss, your entrance is terribly badly timed or you have misunderstood something vital.

Reference hell:

This section is for comments that may be relevant, but point to pieces of texts that aren’t. Or comments that feel irrelevant but has good ideas for inspiration.


 kvalitetstid:  either your imperator tells you something useful, or they tell you what they want from you.

[ ] Not all of your people get along, prosecution or fighting occurs. Want: unrest

Your relationship: (from the warrior’s legendary weapon)