The following works have been selected for the Soundcrawl: Art of the Future exhibition at Brick Factory on October 7th from 5-8pm as a part of the 2012 Soundcrawl Festival. They wooed our judges and rose to the top of the hundred submissions we received from around the world, and are listed in alphabetical order by first initial.

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Live Performances with Technology by:

Brian Franklin | Normal, IL   The Essential...  

"The Essential..." is an ongoing audio series and interactive installation exploring the patterns and repetition built into our interactions with technology. Participants in "The Essential..." control various videogames using a customized electric piano rather than a conventional gamepad controller. As the piano keys are pressed they play the musical notes as well as executing the gamepad functions within the videogame.

Ilana Morgan &  Jason Fick | Denton, Texas  Cornered..

Cornered is an intermedia performance combining an Xbox Kinect motion capturing camera, dance, computer music, and public space. Developed in the doctoral program at UNT Jason Fick, composer, and Ilana Morgan, dancer, have set out to bring dance and technology off of the traditional stage and into an interactive gallery setting.

Lanier Sammons | Santa Cruz, CA   11 Measurements

Having recently completed a PhD in Composition and Computer Technology from UVA, Lanier Sammons is a composer, guitarist, and scholar currently based in Santa Cruz, CA.  11 Measurements creates music from information gleaned in real-time about the circumstances of its performance and its audience.

Mark Zanter | Huntington, WV  Untitled #9

Mark Zanter is the Coordinator of Music Theory/Composition at Marshall University.  Untitled #9 utilizes material that is highly idiomatic to the guitar and malleable within the electronic environment in such a way that simple proportions (applied to sample playback) produce a varied harmonic palette.

Timothy Harenda | Bowling Green, OH   Absence

Mr. Harenda currently holds a position as an adjunct instructor at Bowling Green State University.  His compositions have premiered at festivals such as SEAMUS, ICMC, and EMM. Absence is a thrilling work composed for Violin + electronics.

Adam Vidiksis  | Philadelphia, PA  Mitochondrial Dreams   

Mitochondrial Dreams is a musical work for found percussion items and electronics produced using Csound, Pure Data, and Logic.  It explores the wonder that can be felt when contemplating the ancient genetic history these cells carry.  Mr. Vidiksis is currently a DMA candidate at Temple University.

Sound Art Installations:

A. Campbell Payne |  Brighton, MA    Amen Hallelujah Amen   

The drum break is one of the foundations of hip hop. Amen Hallelujah Amen attempts to reveal the hidden secrets of the break through rapid acceleration, diffusion, and granulation of the source material. The infamous "Amen" break acts as the eponym of this piece.

Bennett Jenisch | Boston, MA     Buried Gesture

Buried Gesture is an acousmatic piece that was composed in 2012 in Boston, MA. The piece explores the contrast between the sounds of human gestures and those of our primordial mother earth. The tension and rhythm that human gestures carry are what gives this piece forward momentum, and the release of this same tension always brings the listener back to earth   

Bruno Raberg | Lexington, MA     Area 51

AREA 51 is based on duo improvisation between Phil Grenadier trumpet and Bruno Raberg acoustic bass. After doing the first improvisation we did yet another overdubbing along with the first. I like to call it a "double duo". The sounds were the manipulated to add spatial and interesting  

Charles Halka | Houston, TX     Live Bass Improv

Live Bass Improv consists entirely of acoustic bass sounds performed by bassist Annabella Leslie and recorded by students at Rice Electroacoustic Music Labs (REMLABs). The sounds are arranged to give the impression of a bassist performing a live and virtuosic improvisation.     

Dan Tramte | Denton, TX    Nomos Delta 

Nomos Delta is a study of the changing states of consciousness that a human mind experiences over time.  Nomos Delta is a tribute to Iannis Xenakis's piece for solo cello, Nomos Alpha.  Both showcase persistent fluctuations in texture and energy while drawing conceptual material from ancient Greek philosophers. 

Dean English | Sutherland, Australia     Drowning of the World 

Drowning of the World is an ambient/noise based sound work that uses combinations of algorithmically generated note values to produce washes of erratic colour and timbre. It combines ambient 'spacial' sensibilities with fast paced, energetic elements of synthesized sound to produce a clashing of consonance.

Emilie Payeur | Westmount, Quebec Canada    All-over

All-Over is part of a suite of pieces inspired by the techniques and concepts used in visual arts. This piece explores the technique of the All-Over found in some abstract expressionist paintings. The result is a feeling of fullness whose spectral fullness seems to stagnate when observed from afar. Closer, we discover instabilities and subtle variations that are the basis of these masses.   

H.E. Cicada Brokaw Dennis | Bloomington, IN    Surrounded   

We are all surrounded by many things. In this piece I explore the concept of being surrounded. It can be meditative, engrossing and engaging, but one can also feel trapped, enclosed or submerged. Produced using recorded sounds and sounds created with csnd. The pitches of the "bells" are all related by perfect harmonic ratios. 

Jason Bolte | Bozeman, MT  Noises Everywhere  

Noises Everywhere was inspired by a snippet of text from the classic children’s book “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown. The work uses sound materials derived from my daughter’s toys. Noises Everywhere was commissioned by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers and the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States as part of the ASCAP/SEAMUS Commission 2008

Jeremy Van Buskirk | Stoneham, MA    Meditations  

Meditations is an exploration of a few simple additive synthesis, granular sampling, and aleatoric processes designed to create a specific mood.

Julius Bucsis | Williamstown, NJ     In the Interest of Time

In the Interest of Time incorporates many rhythmic devices including syncopation, rhythmic displacement, and polymeter to produce shifts in the pulse. The melodic material is derived from arpeggiated triads. 

Julius Bucsis | Williamstown, NJ  Quintessence’s Breath among the Branes  

Quintessence’s Breath among the Branes” is inspired by the idea from M-theory of the existence of different types of membranes (branes) and by the concept of quintessence which refers to a postulated form of the dark energy that pervades our universe.  

Kari Besharse | Hammond, LA  Omphalos

In Greek, the word omphalos means  the center of the world. According to the ancient Greeks, Zeus sent out two eagles to fly across the world to meet at its center. To mark this central point, a stone monument was placed at the oracle in Delphi. James Joyce also references the omphalos several times in the novel, Ulysses


Marshall Jones | Palm Harbor, FL    Campanology  

The sound sources for this work were several different types of bells 

Martin  Kay | Northcote, Australia     Glass Eaters Pt II

Glass Eaters PT II was driven by an ongoing obsession with capturing small sonic snippets and textures, and employing various processes to extend/transform these sounds into elongated drones and passages.

Oliver Carman | Northwich, Cheshire United Kingdom     Saxy!

As the title suggests, this piece is derived from recordings of the Saxophone. Although this source material included conventional sounds from the instrument, I was also interested in capturing the image of the human agent that allows the instrument to come to life.   

Ryan Woodhouse | Lawrence, KS   Trails

Every sound in this work is repeated in some way, thus following its own trail.   

Sean Peuquet | Gainesville, Florida   Improvisations with Varying Degrees of Restraint

The composition of this piece marks, problematizes, and indulges in the continuum between improvisation and composition. Initially, a software instrument was used in the recording of ten iteratively-layered improvisations, which then served as a backdrop or canvas for the piece.

Alexander Baker  | Chard, Somerset UK         Bee Bells Butterfly

A work created from sounds of two bumble bees, one butterfly and several bells (which impeded recording of one of bees). Some of the piece is noisy because the bees and butterfly were surprisingly noisy. No creatures were distressed or hurt during the making of this piece, no one was stung and the bells were unharmed.


Alexander Baker  | Chard, Somerset UK  Uncaged (These are a few of the ten thousand things)4.33

Numbered field recording files in cycle 1-64 (the number of I Ching hexagrams), numbered processing tools in cycle 1-12; coins were tossed to select hexagram and thus files, then threw dice to select processing tools; files and processes are used in order of selection.

Tim Reed | North Manchester, IN            None is Traveling  

"None is Traveling" is an electroacoustic work inspired by four haiku, each by a different Japanese poet. Each of the haiku reflects on travel and/or place, and in this piece, the listener is invited to wander through a series of real, unreal and musical spaces.

Video Art Installations:

Brian Hernandez | San Antonio, TX     There Are Ghosts

There Are Ghosts reflects the visions of a wandering soul as it awaits re-entry into the corporeal. The abstract images hold meaningful significance to this ghost, its past, present, and future.  

Kevin Logan | London, United Kingdom   Seamless   

‘Seamless’ is a compositional performance mediated through the lens of two video cameras. An unidentified man sits at a table, he sonically manipulates a teapot, smashes it – then reconstructs it using Gaffer tape.

Melody Eotvos | Bloomington, Indiana     Patoises II - SoW  

In this piece I've taken my experimentation with film a little further and tried to parallel an abstract sound environment with worlds of water...

Nance Davies | Jamaica Plain, MA    TRAiNSposition 

TRAiNSposition is a video-sound work composed of layered spaces of perception experienced during a typical subway train ride. The rider and the train are transposed and fused into a hybrid, neural pathway.

Charles Nicholsi | Missoula, MT  Playground

Playground, for computer-processed sound and computer-generated video, was commissioned for the dedication ceremony of the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences at The University of Montana. Elementary school students were interviewed and recorded, talking in their classrooms about favorite school activities, subjects they excel at, and what jobs they want when they grow up.