Metrolina Library Association.  Minutes of the Board Meeting, 11-17-2010        2



WED. NOV. 17TH, 2010, 2 P.M.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, University City Regional Branch,

301 East W.T. Harris Boulevard

Board Members Present:  Seth Allen, Cheryl Ann Coyle, Joe Eshleman, Valerie Freeman, Judy Geczi, Melinda Livas, Beth Martin, Lauralee McDonald, Frank Newton, LaJuan Pringle, Doug Short, Michael Winecoff, Greta Wood.

1. Treasurer’s Report. Doug will email the treasurer’s report to the board. Our balance at meeting time was $8,179.96. This total does not include pending funds.

2. Metrolina History and Documents. Michael reported that he had turned over all received documents to the Atkins Library Manuscript Librarian. He also turned over the Metrolina Library Association seal embosser which was found in one of the boxes of documents submitted to the Atkins Library University Archives. Cheryl Ann gave Michael a CD of the website from 2008 which he will give to the manuscript librarian.

3. Programs – Fall Program (Valerie). The grant writing workshop presented by Raye Oldham of the State Library was very successful.

4. Programs – Winter Program (Valerie). The program "Leadership in Libraries" is scheduled for December 8, 2010 from 3:00-5:00 PM at The Art Institute of Charlotte. Eighteen attendees have registered to date.

5. Programs – 2011 Information Literacy Conference (Valerie). The Information Literacy Conference, our 6th annual, is Thursday, June 16, 2011 at Johnson & Wales University. Valerie suggested Kee Malesky, Librarian for NPR (National Public Radio), as a possible keynote speaker. The board supported the suggestion so Valerie will pursue this possibility. Suggestions for other keynote speakers should be sent to Valerie.  [See also 9c below.]

6. Minutes of Last Board Meeting. Frank distributed written minutes of the September 15th Board meeting, and they were approved with corrections.

7. Publicity (Greta).  Greta reported that the December program has been publicized via the Metrolina Facebook group, the Metrolina e-mail list, and via gmail.  Doug said that Julie Chandler at CPCC may be interested in the Publicity position.

8. Results of Election for 2011 Officers.  LaJuan Pringle is elected as our 2011 Vice President and President Elect.  Per last year's election, Valerie Freeman will step into the position of President for 2011.  Doug Short was elected and will serve as Treasurer for two more years.  The Board has three new members at large: Lauralee McDonald, Beth Martin, and Judy Geczi, and our new webmaster is Seth Allen.  Joe Eshleman and Melinda Livas continue as members at large; Frank Newton has another year as Secretary.  Greta Wood and Michael Winecoff will retire from the Board.  Greta has served three years as Vice President, President, and Immediate Past President.  Michael has served on the Board for some eight years in various capacities.

9. Brainstorming Future Speakers and Programs.

(a) Seth recommended Dr. Mark Herring, dean of libraries at Winthrop University, as a future speaker; or a panelist for a panel discussion of the future of libraries.  LaJuan recommended Barbara Moran of UNC-Chapel Hill.  Michael recommended Peggy Hoon of UNC-Charlotte, who was a speaker at a Metrolina program a couple of years ago.

(b) Frank asked to gauge the level of interest in a future program on RDA: Resource Description and Access (new cataloging code slated to replace AACR2).  It was agreed that it would have to deal with the impact it will have on public services staff in libraries (and library users, perhaps).  Michael said Mary Rose Adkins could speak on RDA.

(c) Valerie suggested we set a deadline, February 15th or March 1st, for speaker applications for the June Information Literacy Conference.  Getting speakers lined up a little earlier will allow more time for publicizing the conference than we had in 2010.  Cheryl proposed we try to avoid scheduling presentations which are also being given at other library conferences and programs in the Charlotte area.

10. Next Meeting.  Many of us will see each other at the Dec. 8th program, but the next official Board meeting, of new and continuing members, will be Wed. Jan. 19th.  Doug will seek to arrange a meeting location at CPCC's Harris Campus; LaJuan is available for backup, to seek a location in the public library system.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Winecoff and Frank Newton


The following e-mail addresses were garnered at the meeting.  Please alert Frank of any address or spelling corrections.

Seth Allen      

Judy Geczi      

Beth Martin      

Lauralee McDonald