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Social Networking

  1. Statistical info on social networking: What has changed since 2010?  Not enough!
  2. Curricular examples on slides: see conference vault

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6xhKjewBuw&feature=plcp (statistics)

  1. The filtering issues: review of my filtering survey that was published on the Internet

David Andrade

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Social Media in Education

Social Media in Education - connect, share, learn, communicate and more

Social Media, while sometimes described as a time waster and blocked by some schools, is actually a great tool for education. Educators can use social media as part of their Personal Learning Network, to share resources, learn, discuss, connect, and more with other educators around the world. They can also use it to connect and communicate with students and parents, have students connect with each other and share, and so much more. Like any other technology, it's how the tool is used that is important.

Schools and educators should use social media for learning, sharing and communicating. More and more students, faculty, and parents are using social media in their own lives. Why not engage them with social media for school topics.

Why should educators and schools use social media? “Because that’s where people are and where we need to be to reach them. They are on Facebook, Twitter and a multitude of other vehicles”. http://smartblogs.com/education/2012/10/16/social-media-blog/ 

Some of the popular tools being used: Edmodo, Schoology, Facebook, Twitter, Twiducate, Google+, My Big Campus.

Choose the tool based on your needs: open vs. closed system (private), type of communication, posting of resources or just announcements.

Examples of Social Media being used in Education


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