The July 11,2010 GLSA board meeting was held at Southside Town Hall.

The following were present: Joe Lepley , Peggy Jo Fortner,, Jan

Evenson ,Jerry Doffing ,Lisa Peery , Jerry Doffing ,Pat Biethon, Gary

Odegard,Harry Wahlquist,CarlSwanson and Tom Plihal.

Absent was Curt Conrad, Mike McNellis Jerry Dock

John Swanson,Phyllis LaTour and Brian Ruggles were also in attendance.

The meeting was opened at 9:05 a.m. by Joe Lepley, President. The

minutes for the June 12,2010 meeting were reviewed by the board as

corrected . Harry moved and Pat seconded to approve the minutes

.Motion carried.

The Treasurer’s report of July 10 was reviewed .Motion made by Harry

and seconded by Peggy to accept the report .Motion carried(attached

)Membership report- 349 members as of July2010 333 members July 2009

Gary will send out second membership notice soon. Nancy is recruiting

some new area coordinators e.g. Area 9 and 13

Committee Reports:

Jan- The boat parade and light up Sylvia on July 3rd were successful

with 15 boats participating on the east lake and 20 boats on the west.

Newsletter- will be out late July

Septic- Jerry updated the list for the second mailing.We are looking

for septic pumpers for a GLSA discount.


Carl-CLP report- treatment season if over. A higher treatment dose was

necessary for deeper waters. Turions may survive up to 10 years.

John - EW milfoil- 10-12 areas were treated over a 2 month period.

Treatment occurred at least twice. Treatment at the public access was

out to 300 yards.

No growth in Midget Bay and a decrease in growth in Shoot n Holler bay

Buckthorn growth- needs to be cut and treated. An article will be put

in a future newsletter and information added to the website.

Water patrol concern- some GLSA residents expressed a concern that

some boaters are "being hassled" by the water patrol. The board

discussed this and feel the patrol is not a problem and is very


Jim will be invited to the August meeting to update the board on the patrol.

Volunteer monitoring program will be presented at a future meeting .

A concern about a sand point well and a possible faulty septic system

were discussed. The county is to followup on this.

There was no further business.

Carl moved and Harry seconded the meeting be adjourned.

The meeting adjourned at 10:15 am

submitted by Tom Plihal, GLSA secretary