Welcome to the group, we’re all glad you’re here. It means we will all be playing more tennis, meeting new people, and hopefully improving our game and having fun along the way. To be sure you don’t get lost in the shuffle the following tips are designed to help you get the most out of the site.

  1)  The more information on your profile the better!

  2)  Be sure to include which days and what times you’re available.

  3)  What part of town do you live? How far are you willing to travel?

  4) What type of tennis are you looking for? Match Play? Hitting Partner? Doubles?Competitive or Friendly?Be sure to include this information in your profile and introduction.

  5)  What is your skill level? If you don’t know there is a link in the “Tennis Links of Interest “ area of the main group page which explains it in detail. If you are a beginner it’s alright just say so. This will help you get matched with someone near you skill level which makes for a more enjoyable time.

  6) Introduce yourself to the group in the “ Discussion Forum “ which is located directly underneath “ Tennis Links of Interest “. Be sure you have worked on your profile before doing so!

  7) Don’t be shy about contacting other players directly. Some of our members have made the choice not to receive email notifications for certain events. What are they thinking?

  8) Post pictures or videos. Show us your tennis glory!

  9) Not sure about a rule or court etiquette? Ask the group in the “ Discussion Forum “

 10) Have a strong opinion? Budding author? Start a blog.

 11) Don’t forget to tell your other tennis friends!

 12) I’m so sure that these tips will work that if you are still not able to find someone to hit with after using all of them that apply to you, I’ll hit with you, bring a fresh can of balls, and maybe we can figure out how to find you a regular hitting partner or two. Why do I do it? I love the game, it has been good to me, and I want to give back.

 *Do you have any additional ideas?  Contact me, I’m Justin, the group founder. You’ll find a link to me in the upper left corner of the main group page. Questions or comments not covered here? Be sure and let me know about that as well. I hope to see you on the court soon!