by Mike Olson

In this game, you play an eighth-grade nerd in a junior-high PE class dodgeball game. As the bullies on the other team pick you off one by one, you flash back to past experiences with them -- some good, most bad.

You’ll need:

The nerd dice, in the bowl, represent your team of nerds. The bully dice, in the box, are the other team -- the jocks, bullies, cool kids, etc. When a team runs out of dice, they lose.

Describe your nerd.

Describe your bully.

When it’s your turn, pick a nerd die and the smallest bully die and roll them together. Unless otherwise noted, when you take a die from the bowl or box, you don’t return it.

As a nerd, you can cross out one of your positive flashbacks to reroll one or both dice.

Playing a Bully:

When you pick dice, pick the smallest bully die in the box and the largest nerd die in the bowl. Your point of view changes, but the dice-rolling is as above.

As a bully, you can cross out one of your target’s negative flashbacks to reroll both dice.