1. You Must Be 21 Years Old

2. No Matter If You Are Bald, Grey And Wrinkled, You Must Prove To Us That You Are 21.

3. Just Because Your Friend Says So, Doesn't Cut It.

4. Just Because You’re Ugly Won't Help You Either.

5. We Accept Valid/Legit Drivers Licenses, NJ State Issued ID Cards, And Passports From Any Country.

6. We Do Not Accept Expired Driver Licenses, Duplicate Drivers Licenses, Expired Passports With Your Baby Picture On It, County ID Cards, Any ID Cards Issued At Your Local Flea Market or ordered online.

7. If You Are So Confident That You Are 21, But Can’t Prove It, Your Are More Than Welcome To Try Your Luck At Any Other Bar In Town.

8. If you are drunk, go home.

Finally!!! We sell alcohol; DO NOT bring your own. You may no longer bring any container of any kind (soda, water, juice, coffee) into the bar. We also reserve the right to inspect all backpacks and pocketbooks! Reason for this is, at the end of the night we are finding bottles and cans of beer that we do not sell. SORRY!