The Google / ALT “Apps in Learning and Teaching” competition

Announcement already made

"In line with Google's announcement during the 2011 ALT Conference, ALT will this year be working with Google to run a competition to seek out and celebrate examples of excellent uses of Google Apps in learning and teaching. We intend to make a detailed announcement about this later in May. The closing date for entries is likely to be towards the end of June, with winners announced at the 2012 ALT Conference in Manchester."

Opening and closing dates

Opens on 13 June. Closes on 10 July.


The purpose of this competition is to seek out and then to celebrate examples of excellent uses of Google Apps in learning and teaching.

Entries will be judged by:

Martin Hawksey, Learning Technology Advisor, JISC CETIS    

Martin Hamilton, Head of Internet Services at Loughborough University

Sarah Horrigan, Learning Technologies Manager, University of Sheffield, Google Apps Qualified

Kevin McLaughlin, Primary Teacher, Google Certified Teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator

Seb Schmoller, Independent Consultant

Yetunde Folajimi, Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, University of Ibadan, and Centre for Computational Intelligence, De Montfort University

William Florance, Head of Education Google Edu for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa


The hashtag for the competition is #GAppsALT_IL


ALT and Google will announce and publicise the names, organisations, and entries of shortlisted entrants. We will celebrate the winners at the 2012 ALT Conference in Manchester, publicising their entries as widely as possible. Currently planned prizes include a Chromebook for the winner and the opportunity for winning entrants to present their entry to the wider Google Edu team at Google’s London Office.

How to enter

Entries shall consist of the (shortened) URL of a Google Document, up to 3 A4 pages in length that describes the entry in clear terms. All entries must include:

i) your name, contact details, role, and organisation;

ii) the learning or other educational challenge that your entry is designed to tackle;

iii) the intended users of your entry by role, level, subject (these categories are indicative);

iv) a brief but complete overview of how the entry functions;

v) evidence of the entry’s impact and overall effectiveness;

vi) a clear summary of which if any work by (or ideas from) others your entry builds upon;

vii) confirmation that you have read and accept the small print of the competition.

You may make appropriate use of screen shots or embedded video in your explanatory document, but you will not be judged by whether or not you have chosen to do this. Your entry document must consist of a Google Document that has been published to the web, set so that any changes you may make to it after publishing it are NOT automatically re-published.

Submit your entry by completing the short form at [the form asks for entrant details; shortened URL of descriptive document; confirmation that you have read and accepted the “small print” of the competition].

Key dates

Criteria by which entries will be judged 

Panel members will judge entries using these six questions as prompts.

1. Described as set out in the requirements?

2. Interesting?

3. Effective?

4. Tackling a learning or other educational challenge?

5. Supported by credible evidence?

6. Well implemented?


Small Print

1. The competition is open to anyone anywhere with a role in education, provided they are happy for their entry to be made public and, potentially, shamelessly emulated by others.

2. The judges’ decisions will be final and there will be no right of appeal. Brief feedback will be provided to shortlisted entrants only. Any canvassing of judges will lead to disqualification.

3. Entries with a defective or incomplete covering document - see points i) to vii) above - may be rejected without further consideration.

4. For the purposes of this competition we define Google Apps as any of the following Google-hosted tools and services: Gmail; Google Sites; Google Docs (any or all of the Docs suite); Google Calendar; Googe+; Google Groups; Google Maps/Earth; Google Moderator; Google Reader; Blogger; Picasa Web Albums, YouTube; iGoogle. If your entry includes a Google tool/service not listed we will not rule your entry out, provided you provide a very brief additional justification for your use of it.

5. Competition-related data will be handled in accordance with ALT’s Privacy Policy (see 

6. Your entry document must consist of a Google Document that has been published to the web, set so that any changes you may make to it after publishing it are NOT automatically republished.

7. No individual may be associated with more than one entry, and if more than one entry is made that is associated with one individual, both entries are liable to be ruled out from consideration without reference back to the individual concerned.

Last updated 12 June 2012 [SS]