RV-9A N627DW - Punch List

To Do

Check & set magnet position with timing light

pot main alternator connector with silicone

Fuel flow test - 1hr on cruise tank

Retest & set fuel map at all RPM’s

Check fuel filter, clean w/brass brush if needed

Fabricate aux battery holder

Run ground for aux battery

Connect aux battery to battery switch; test all circuits

Install AP level button

Test & repair CO/SpO2 monitor to EFIS

Check %pwr maps in EFIS

Wire gma240 so the backlight works

Install water-shed cover for panel-to-subpanel space

Install duplex valve (+ secondary filter?), replumb tanks

fabricate & install new tunnel cover

Order & install weatherpack connectors for injector cables

raise engine lower mounts to compensate for sag - add washer; longer bolts?

strip/sand or blast steps and pitot mast, paint with epoxy (?)

extra long wedge for pax seat ($132)

-- baggage area carpet ($160)

-- side panels? ($800-2200)

-- Tonneau cover? ($410)

gma245 upgrade … or at least make phone cable for gma240

New cable for TEL: T-L, R-R, R-Gnd, S-Mic

copy transponder test info to electronic logs

Need to Order

towbar mount for baggage area?  “tool clips”

Last oil @ T 138.80

Current @ T 168.31 / H 213.89

Add to POH

180 to 200 inch pounds (target 180) exhaust nut torque

mouse milk on exh joints

replacement air filter is K&N p/n E-3230

alternator belt is 35.5”, Dayco Top Cog 15355 / Gates 7355

camguard ratio (9.6oz/1.2c/0.6pt/0.3qt -> 5% of 6qts)

Oil screen gasket AN900-16; tighten to contact then +135* rotation

Exhaust gasket 77611

MAP sensor GM 16137039

Things for travel

Small scale w/hook that reads to 100#

Tonneau cover

Other / Misc

Reinforce flap channel or R flap cover for oxygen mounting

Add firewall and sidewall sound/heat insulation (Dynamat, etc)?

Baggage tiedown points

Update/finish POH

Finish as-built electrical diagrams

Add propguard tape to LE of NG leg fairing (after paint) to prevent scrapes from cowl removal


Inspect flap motor upright for buckling from weight on seatback channel...reinforce?

Replace NG tube every 24 mos regardless of condition...always carry a spare in the plane

If NG shimmy experienced, mandatory inspect the upper travel stop bracket for cracks (esp @ bolt)

Check baffles for cracks near oil cooler at every cowl removal


Use cork gasket + form-a-gasket on fuel tank cover, so it can be removed for service (Berge)

Use nuts & screws for securing baffle airseal, rivets hard to drill out (...weren’t when I had to drill a few)

Add Berge false floor metal panels (secure w/ add’l angles & nutplates) with foam between?


ELT Main Battery - replacement date from battery pack         repl 6/2016        May 18 2021

ELT Remote/Audio Alert Batts - 10 yrs from install, or batt exp date         repl 6/2012        Mar 2020

ELT inspection - end of month 12 months from last         Jun 6 2016        Jun 2017

ELT registration - 2 yrs from last submission        Jul 8 2015        Jul 8 2017

APRS license - 10 years from last        Mar 2014        Mar 2 2024

Condition Inspection - end of month 12 months from last         Jul 22 2015        Jul 2016

Oil & filter change - 50 tach hours        last @ 138.83        188.83

Insurance - annual renewal date         Aug 2016        Aug 26 2017

MN registration & tax - end of month 12 months from last        Jun 2016        Jun 2017

FAA registration - end of month 36 months from last        Jul 2014        Jul 2017

Transponder/encoder check - end of month 24 months from last         Sep 5 2014        Sep 2016

Pitot/static check (for IFR ops) - end of month 24 months from last        n/a - IFR only        n/a

VOR check (for IFR ops) - 30 days (equip. not installed)        n/a - IFR only        n/a


ELT battery part numbers

ELT battery replacement schedule instruction from ELT manual (main & remotes)

ELT registration & renewal requirements

APRS licensing requirement

RS-232 programming ports & cable

EFIS max data capacity 36,000 records (10 hrs @ 1sec)

EFIS clock battery should be replaced every 24 months, type CR1225


Document bag for logbooks

First-aid kit (shop & plane)


x reset CHT alarms after breakin/stable temps -- warn 380, alarm 400