How to Set up Jabber (

To connect to our Jabber server, download a client that can use the XMPP protocol (for the purposes of this explanation, we will use Pidgin). You are on your own to find a client to connect to this server, but we will support Pidgin to the greatest extent we are able, so consider it RMCT’s unofficial chat client.

Begin by creating a Jabber account. Go to “Accounts > Manage Accounts”, or from the buddy list, press Ctrl-A. Press the “Add” button at the bottom of the account management page and select the XMPP protocol.

Create an XMPP account for

Select a username, enter “” as the domain, and choose a password (you may want to consider telling it to remember your password). Leave the resource empty. Important: if this is your first time connecting with this account (if the account is new), you must check the box labeled “Create this new account on the server”. For clients that do not offer this option, we will try to offer alternative methods to register new accounts in the future.

Register your account with

At this point, you are free to register your account. Retype your username and password, and then provide a name and email address for your account (Note: Please be careful when you type your password, as there is no password confirmation field). You need not provide your real name, but please provide a working email address. Note that this email address is not actually used for registration, but is just helpful for our own records.


From the buddy list again, select “Buddies > Join a Chat”, or press Ctrl-C. This will open a menu for joining chats with Pidgin. Select your account here, and open up the room list.

Select your account, and go to Room List

Open up the room list, and select “Get List” to see all available rooms. From here, feel free to join a room or to add some rooms to your list of favorites (to avoid going through these menus again, and to add these chats to your buddy list).

Join a room and have fun chatting!