Note: This story is not mine, nor do I know who owns the copyright. I am archiving it here because Kojak/Crocker slash is such a rare phenomenon that I feel it deserves a wider audience. If it is yours or you know who the author is, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Bobby Crocker pulled himself from bed and headed towards the door. The knock came again for the fourth time and he knew whoever was on the other side was determined and probably wouldn't go away. The fifth knock was louder and more demanding and accompanied by a familiar voice.

"Come on, Bobby, open the door, I know you're in there."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming." He unlocked the three latches and pulled it open.

"Well well, answers the question of boxers or briefs."

Crocker didn't smile; he just turned and grabbed a tee-shirt from the couch.

"I was thinking about what happened earlier." Eye contact, a good sign.

Lieutenant Theo Kojak continued his slow analysis of his favourite detective. "You were confused as to who to feel sorry for, I tried to steer you in the right direction. Not sure where your compassion should lie."


"And I think maybe I should have shown you compassion instead of scolding you."

"Really?" Scepticism. Not a good sign.

"Yes, really. You were hurt that your friend betrayed you and tried to kill you."

"Wouldn't you be?"

Bobby was showing definite signs of hostility now; Kojak knew he had to diffuse the situation quickly.

"Yes, I would be hurt. If say you or Stavros turned on me, yeah, I'd be hurt." Bobby's eyes filled with tears. "Someone I've known a long time, care about, 'd be hurt." Bobby turned away. "But you can't let it eat you up inside, kid."

"Don't call me kid."

Theo gripped his shoulder and turned him. "Sure, but you have to let it go, Bobby. Get past it."

"I will."

"Good. I hate seeing that whipped puppy-dog look in your eyes."

When those dark eyes found their way off the floor and met his, Kojak knew he was in trouble. The younger man trembled before him. It would be too easy to draw him close, cradle him and comfort him. But what would Bobby say? What would he do?

A sniffle and he groaned. It would be a long night indeed.

He searched Bobby's eyes for assurance and acceptance before he pulled him close and wrapped his arms tight around the sobbing figure.

"Let it out, baby, let it out."

They sank to the couch and Bobby continued to sob uncontrollably. Theo wasn't sure what he should do, so he just held him until the trembling, mumbling and sobbing ceased.

"I'm sorry." Bobby tore away and headed into the bathroom. "Stupid, stupid, stupid." He looked in the mirror at the red eyes and running nose and wondered how stupid he really looked to his superior officer. The soft knock on the door was ignored. He splashed water on his face and took the towel that was held up to his face. "Thanks."

"No problem." He watched Kojak's eyes follow his body as he moved. "It's what I live for."

"I'm kinda embarrassed about all this. Maybe you should go."

"Maybe." He ran a hand down Bobby's back and felt the muscles respond to his touch. "Then again, maybe I should stay, keep you company." His hand went lower and caressed a firm buttock. "Make sure you're okay."

"Sounds good." Bobby's breathing was shallow and he swallowed hard as he turned. the hand on his ass skidded over his hip and landed on his crotch. He moaned and looked up. "You want a drink?"

"A drink?" Kojak stepped closer. "Sounds good." He lifted Crocker's chin and kissed him, dragging his tongue along the trembling lips. "Tastes good, too."

"Should we ... "

"Why shouldn't we?"

"Well, I mean, with the working relationship ... "

"I'm comforting you. Is that a problem?"

"No." Kojak pulled him close. "No problem at all." He surrendered to the talented mouth and returned the kiss with passion. He was swept up into a powerful embrace and walked backward out of the bathroom. "Bedroom's over there." He pointed with a free hand.

"Good." Kojak smiled as Crocker's hands busied themselves with his clothes. In the few steps that it took to reach the bedroom all that was left was his slacks, socks and shoes. He pushed Bobby to the bed and held up a hand. "Don't move."

Bobby held his breath as the rest of Kojak's body was revealed. He turned away when he saw the thick cock. His heart was racing and nearly stopped when Kojak tugged his underwear off and spread his thighs. "Oh God."

"Just me, baby." Kojak settled between the younger man's thighs. "You know you have the most beautiful behind I've ever seen."

"You're kidding, right?" Crocker held his breath as he felt the hot mouth kiss and bite gently on his right buttock. "You're not."

"Not in this life." Kojak went to work on the beautiful body before him. He kissed and caressed every inch of Bobby's back, ass and thighs, then turned him over. Bobby's face was flushed and his breath raspy. He yelped when Kojak took the head of his cock inside his mouth. "Noisy lover?"

"I'll try to be quiet."

"Nah, let it out baby." Kojak climbed up his body, kissing and nipping. "Let it all out. Sing if you want to." He kissed Bobby's mouth several times while his hand slipped lower and caressed the hardened length. "We need something to make it easier for you."

"I don't know what I have. I'll go see."

Kojak let him up and he hurried from the room. He watched the smooth line of muscles that led down to the firm round ass cheeks. "You are beautiful." Crocker blushed as he approached him with a jar of Vaseline. "Come here." He kissed the firm stomach, then suckled the head of Crocker's cock into his mouth. "Yummy." He smiled and Crocker just nodded. "What's the problem? You want to do this or not?"

"Sure I do, it's just ... " He moaned as the hot mouth covered his cock again, this time not pulling back. He pumped his hips forward and reached out for something to hold onto. His fingers skimmed the bald head and he looked down. How erotic it was to see his boss swallowing his cock. He smiled and relaxed, letting the wonderful pressure build in his balls. He spread his legs to get better leverage and a slick finger brushed his opening. He gasped, but it was inside before he could do much about it. He tried to pull up and off, but the finger continued, stretched and opened him. A second joined and he grunted out a protest. The hot mouth never stopped, but the uncomfortable feeling of being stretched interrupted his arousal. "Theo, ouch."

"Shhh, it'll get worse before it gets better. But it will get better, baby." With that he retrieved more lube and forced a third finger inside the tight hole. There was no question in his mind that this man was a virgin. Oh, the fun he was going to have tonight! Crocker whimpered in pain above him, but he kept sucking the now flaccid cock. Once he was convinced it would be enough he pulled away and stood up. "On the bed, baby."


"Shhh, come on. Lie down." Crocker lay down on his stomach and Kojak hurried to wash his hands and return. He climbed up between Crocker's thighs, kissing the pale skin as he did. "Ready for me, baby?"

"I guess so." Crocker turned his head and Kojak kissed him.

"Good, cause I'm about to burst just looking at you." he leaned back and ran his hands down Crocker's body. "All laid out and ready to give yourself to me. Just like a pie ready to be eaten up." He pulled Bobby's body back, so that the younger man was on his hands and knees. "Relax for me, 'cause here I come." He pushed forward and met marked resistance.

Crocker nearly screamed as the hard cock pushed against his opening. There was an incredible pressure and his body didn't want to give. He gasped and grunted, but Theo didn't pull back. He tried to lay down, get away from the pain but Theo held his hips tight. Nothing else mattered at that moment. Only the incredible pressure from the rock hard cock pushing inside his ass. And before he knew it the head popped through the tight ring. It burned and he screamed and tried to pull away but Theo was there pressing more into him. He flattened his body, but Kojak followed, all the time shushing and talking sweetly to him in his ear. But he couldn't hear the words, only felt the burning inside his body as the intruder snaked its way further inside. "Please stop!"

"Almost there, baby."

"No, stop now."

"If I stop now, you'll never want to do this again."

"I don't want to do it now."

"It'll get better." Kojak reached beneath Crocker and fondled his cock. "I promise."

The cock inside him withdrew a bit, then slid deeper; that accompanied with the hand on his cock made him groan. The pain had lessened and when the man above him rotated his hips, it sent waves of pleasure throughout his body. "Oh man, do that again."

Kojak smiled. "What? This?" He rotated his hips, so that he knew he'd brush Crocker's prostate each time. The man beneath him trembled, gasped, and actually pushed back on his cock. "That's the way baby."

He wasn't sure what came over him, but he pushed back up to his knees and actually found himself impaling his body onto the hard cock. Each thrust brought new life to his cock, and before he knew it he was begging for more.

Kojak heard the quiet pleas, felt the trembling body in front of him and sped up his thrusts. This brought gasps and 'oh yeahs' into the picture and he knew he'd won Crocker over. "You've played around, but never did this, right?"

"Right. How'd you know?"

"You're so tight I can barely move in here."


"Don't be, kid. It's wonderful."

"You feel good too."

"Oh, you like that little old thing?"

"It may be old, but no ... " He gasped as Kojak slammed into him. "No way you're little."

Kojak laughed and started pounding into him hard and fast. The tightness of Crocker's ass was milking him for all he was worth. It wouldn't be long until he released his load deep inside the ass he so much admired. He stroked the cock in his hand and all at once felt Crocker tense, his ass clamping down hard, and felt the hot fluid spill over his hand. "That's the way, baby." He stroked Crocker's back and caressed him as he calmed down. "My turn."

"Yeah," came the whisper.

Kojak stretched out above Crocker and pounded into his ass. He clamped his slick hand over Crocker's and held tight as he ploughed between those bubble cheeks. He was merciless and he knew it. The poor man wouldn't walk straight for days, but this was his moment. It was what he wanted more than anything right now; this body submitting to him, begging for his desire, his passion. he gave it all, not holding back even as Bobby whimpered and grunted in time with his thrusts. This was no time for gentleness; this was the time for harsh reality. His cock up this young man's ass made him feel alive; his submission made him feel powerful. When he felt his release approach he kissed Bobby's neck and worked his way down. he spread his thighs, pulled him to his knees and slammed into him as hard as he could. It wasn't long before he was screaming with Bobby, his cock twitching and pumping inside the younger man's ass. He fell forward, crushing Crocker to the semen and sweat stained mattress, and gently bit his shoulder as the sweet ass squeezed the last of his cum from him. "Oh, bobby." The only words he muttered before he took a deep breath.

Crocker fought to catch his breath. He had to yank his hand from beneath his hip and wipe the semen on the sheet beside him. Let's face it, he was a busy man; he barely had time to eat, let alone have sex. Reaching his release twice in one night was unheard of - but tonight was different. Tonight was special. Tonight he had his first male-to-male sexual experience. Nothing would ever match it, but now wasn't the time to compare. Now was the time to try and get this huge man off his back. "Theo?"


"You're heavy."

"You're complaining?"

"Not really, but ... "

"Oh, I see. All the fun is done, hit the road, huh?"

"No, just roll to the side." Theo rolled and he followed. He winced when the large cock, still partially engorged, pulled from his body with a pop.

"Ohhhh, did that thing slam shut or what?" he saw the look of embarrassment on the young man's face and pulled him close. "It's okay, didn't mean to embarrass you."

"You apologised for something. Wow."

"Don't let it go to your head, kid." Theo pressed his body tight against Crocker's back.

"I have to clean up first."

"Yeah, right. Don't be long." Kojak stripped the bed and put fresh sheets on while Bobby was in the bathroom. Almost ten minutes later he emerged, looking very pale and nervous. "Almost put out an APB on you. What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Crocker climbed into bed and covered up. He turned away when Kojak returned from the bathroom.

He slipped in bed behind Bobby and snuggled close. His cock, still somewhat hard, rested between the younger man's cheek. "You sleepy? I might want to do it again."

"Not right now, okay?"

"What's the matter?" Theo tugged him close and kissed his ear. "Tell me."

"A little blood."

"Oh, well, that's okay. I'll take it easy on you next time. That sweet little ass is kind of tight, but we'll get it opened up." Crocker looked back at him and he kissed the pouty lips. "It's okay."


"Go to sleep, baby. I'll hold you all night."

* * *