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Wimba Classroom is web-based virtual classroom used to communicate with students and participants over the internet in a synchronous environment. It can be used to collaborate via chat, microphone, or webcam and share applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Entire sessions can be archived for distribution at a later time. This guide will help instructors communicate with their online students using audio through a microphone, and video through a webcam.









Using Audio (Microphone) in Wimba Classrooms

Media Bar

The media bar is how you will control your audio and video capabilities inside Wimba.

Choosing your Microphone

If the microphone you want to use is not selected by default then you need to tell Wimba which mic you want to use. To do this:

Select the 'Options' menu inside the Media Bar.

Hover over the Audio Inputs option.

Select the microphone you wish you use.

In some multimedia classrooms, there is a microphone located in the ceiling. To select this mic, choose the 'Unbalanced' option.

Using your Microphone

By default, you microphone us muted inside Wimba. This helps reduce ambient noise and feedback. To speak with your participants, push the 'TALK' button down on the media bar with your mouse. You can also press 'Control' on your keyboard. The talk button will turn orange when pushed down and you will hear a small click indicating that your mic is now open and your participants can hear you.

It can be difficult to know if your students are hearing you through the mic, since you will not be able to hear yourself. To make sure your mic is operating properly, complete the Wimba Setup Wizard before each class.

Wimba Setup Wizard Guide

Locking the Talk Button Down

Instructors who are lecturing for long periods at a time may want to lock the talk button down, making it unnecessary to press the talk button when you want to speak. To do this:

Select the 'Options' menu inside the Media Bar

Select 'Lock Talk' in order to permanently push the talk button down. Now your mic is open at all times.

Please keep in mind that if online students speak into their mic and it comes out through your computer speakers, the audio may go into your mic again. This will create a feedback loop which can be frustrating. To counteract this, either turn off the lock talk option when you know students will be speaking to you (for example, when you ask for questions from participants.) or use a headset mic.

Using Video (Webcam) in Wimba Classrooms

Choosing your Webcam

If the webcam you want to use is not selected by default then you need to tell Wimba which webcam you want to use. To do this:

Select the 'Options' menu inside the Media Bar

Hover over the Video Inputs option

Select the webcam you wish you use.

Using your Webcam

Presenters and participants can use the video window to broadcast their webcam to the other participants in the wimba class. First you must open the webcam window. To do this, select the small image of a camera on the Media Bar.

The Video Window will open but no video is being broadcast yet. There are three buttons on the video window:

1. Broadcast - This option looks like an eye, with the lid closed when it is off, and open when it is enabled. This will start and stop your personal broadcast.

2. Preview - This will show a small preview of your personal webcam at all times, regardless of what is being displayed on the main Video Window.

3. Full Screen - This will maximize the Video Window to fill the entire screen. (Note: Video quality will not increase, so this may look blurry.)

Wimba will only display one video window at a time, which means that only one participant's webcam can be seen at any one time. The Video Window will display whichever participant is speaking at the time, if they have broadcasted their webcam. If no one is speaking, the Video Window will show the presenter by default.

Locking a Webcam onto one Participant

If you would like to lock the Video Window to a single participant or presenter and not have it switch from speaker to speaker, you can double-click on the small '+' sign under the camera icon next to that participant's name in the Participant Area. See here for more information.

Remember, you can not start a participant's webcam. They must open the Video Window and select the Broadcast option in order to broadcast their webcam.

If You Need Help

Guides, contact information and other help can be found at ETSU's Wimba page:

A more in-depth presenter guide can be found at this URL, explaining the Wimba classroom with its tools and options in greater detail:


Wimba’s support center can be located here:


Wimba offers 24/7 support by phone: (877) 382-2293.

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