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Commander's Report

Tom Caillouet

After waking up this morning still feeling quite ill, the day only seemed to go upward. Fortunately a large quantity of water and some food has left me in better health, and Christina appears completely recovered from symptoms she was experiencing yesterday. Hopefully the crew's health will continue to be good throughout the remainder of the rotation.

Most of the day was spent focusing on our first in-sim EVA: placing the radio repeater. After yesterday's failed attempt to set up the equipment on Skyline Rim, it was determined that Radio Ridge, a much closer and much lower location, would provide a decent enough location for set up. Jon and Mitesh spent much of the morning verifying radio performance again, but technical issues resulted in a much longer than anticipated EVA preparation time, about two hours. The crew finally embarked at 1330, but with only two active radios amongst the four crew members. The repeater was successfully deployed, and the full team returned around 1600. Being the first real EVA, there were many lessons learned (as detailed in the EVA report), and another EVA is being planned to improve the antenna height. However, the overall results are positive, and our most physically demanding EVA has been completed.

The crew has been relaxing since then with episodes of the Twilight Zone (a favorite show of my previous rotation, Crew 79) and Firefly. It is a noncooking day, which compliments our shifted eating schedule caused by the long EVA time. Should the crew get hungry, we have several meals to choose from (just add water!), but most of us seem far more interested in sleep.

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