Innocent mum pleads for Judge Solomon to return her child to her

Lord Jesus

We lift Gloria Musa and her husband to You in prayer, and we pray our heartfelt cries will be received. As my dear sister has prayed, I also pray that Your wisdom which You bestowed upon the godly Judge Solomon, will be bestowed upon the Judge today - The Judge who hears the testimony regarding Gloria Musa and her husband Chiwar. If ever anyone needed wisdom from You, it is this Judge.

I pray for Social Services, and I pray their hearts and minds be enlightened by Your Spirit. I pray Your Fear come upon them, and I pray Your Spirit will be in residence in the Witness Box as each Social Worker gives testimony today. May their spiritual ears, eyes, hearts and minds be awakened, and may they be aware of Your Presence in the Courtroom. Let them only speak the truth. Let only the truth come from their lips.

I pray for the Jury. Let each one gathered be focused upon You in their thoughts and hearts. Turn their hearts and minds to You. Bring their whole bodies, souls and spirits into Your subjection. Captivate them in Your Presence.

May Your Spirit rest upon Gloria and Chiwar, and may visions of You be uppermost in their minds as they suffer for Your Name's sake. Amen.