Copy Editor / / THE CHIMES

Applications, resumes and recommendation letters due via email to Jana Eller at

Label each page with your name, major, phone, email and year.

  1. Why are you interested in being a copy editor?

  1. What is your projected date of graduation? (Only students graduating spring 2018 and later will be considered, as the position is one year in length.)

  1. What kind of experience do you have that you feel will assist you in being a copy editor? (Please list all coursework that is applicable, high school newspaper experience, Chimes experience, and job-related experience.)

  1. What is your vision/goal as copy editor?

  1. This position will take 10 or more hours of your week, with a large chunk of production time taking up your Tuesday and Wednesday schedule. Does this work with your class schedule, and can you handle the time commitment?

  1. The Chimes is a web-first publication, meaning stories must be generated and edited every day. How would you handle a job that is somewhat constant and unpredictable?

  1. How familiar are you with page layout design?

  1. How familiar are you with AP style? Do you have a copy of the Associated Press Stylebook for when questions arise?

  1. How comfortable are you with working with reporters, web editors and assignment editors to edit their work and help develop their writing? Would you be willing to meet with all writers at least once a semester?

  1. How would you work with writers or editors who do not respect your comments?

  1. How would you work alongside a team of editors to present a cohesive front and edit well together?

  1. What is your editing philosophy?

  1. How is your current relationship with God and how would that influence your work? (Please be honest.)

  1. How did you hear about this position?