6 March 2015:  Jennifer Hackett (Nottingham) on Programs for cheap!

27 February 2015:  Nikos Tzevelekos (Queen Mary, University of London) on Automata over infinite alphabets

6 February 2015:  Conor McBride (Strathclyde), seminar on Worldly type systems

30 January 2015:  Thorsten Altenkirch (Nottingham), seminar on On cubes and types

23 January 2015:  Kohei Kishida (Oxford), seminar on Cohomology of contextuality and logical paradoxes

12-18 January 2015:  POPL in Mumbai, featuring Integrating linear and dependent types (Neel Krishnaswami, Pierre Pradic and Nick Benton)

19 December 2014:  Midlands Graduate School Christmas Seminar in Sheffield, with talks by James Worrell (Oxford), Neel Krishnaswami (Birmingham), Thorsten Altenkirch (Nottingham) and James Cranch (Sheffield)

12 December 2014:  Takeshi Tsukada (Oxford), seminar on Innocent strategies are sheaves over plays

10 December 2014:  Congratulations to our PhD graduates Zaid Al-Zobaidi and Maxim Strygin

8-11 December 2014:  Olle Fredriksson and Bram Geron attend Google’s 2nd European PhD student summit on Compiler and Programming Technology in Munich

10 October 2014:  Noam Zeilberger (MSR-Inria), seminar on A link between lambda-calculus and maps

October 2014:  Welcome to our new PhD students Cory Knapp and Zhongxi Zhang

29 September 2014:  Congratulations to Asiri Rathnayake on a successful PhD viva.  His thesis Semantics and analysis of regular expressions was examined by Andy King (Kent) and Dan Ghica.

9 September 2014:  Congratulations to Maxim Strygin on a successful PhD viva.  His thesis Semantics and logics for signals was examined by Graham Hutton (Nottingham) and Eike Ritter.

1-3 September 2014:  ICFP in Gothenburg, featuring Krivine nets (Olle Fredriksson and Dan Ghica)

31 August 2014:  HOPE in Gothenburg, co-chaired by Neel Krishnaswami

25 July 2014:  Matthijs Vakar (Oxford), seminar on Syntax and semantics of linear dependent types

9-24 July 2014:  Vienna Summer of Logic, featuring Transition systems over games (Sam Staton and Paul Levy) at CSL-LICS, Abstract datatypes for real numbers in type theory (Martin Escardo and Alex Simpson) at RTA-TLCA, and Martin’s invited talk Excluded middle considered as a mathematical problem at PSC

29 June - 5 July 2014:  Category Theory 2014 in Cambridge, featuring Steve Vickers’ talk Geometric constructions preserving fibrations

3-20 May 2014:  Nathan Bowler (Hamburg) visits us, and gives a seminar on Colimits of monads on Set

7 April - 11 July 2014:  Semantics of proofs and certified mathematics trimester at the Institut Henri Poincaré (Paris), featuring Martin Escardo’s talk Continuity in type theory in week 3 (Semantics of proofs and programs) and Dan Ghica’s talk Compiling functional programs to distributed architectures using abstract machine nets in week 5 (Certification of high-level and low-level programs)

12-13 April 2014: GALOP in Grenoble, featuring Building Simple Languages with the Power of References (Alexis Goyet) and Transition systems over games (Paul Levy and Sam Staton)

12 April 2014:  MSFP in Grenoble, co-chaired by Neel Krishnaswami and Paul Levy

8-10 April 2014:  ESOP in Grenoble, featuring Bounded linear types with generalised resources by Dan Ghica and Alex Smith

5 April 2014:  Dan Ghica’s invited talk on Resource control via bounded linear typing at DICE 2014 in Grenoble

26 March 2014:  Congratulations to Guillaume Raynaud on a successful PhD viva.  His thesis Fibred contextual quantum physics was examined by Bas Spitters (Nijmegen) and Martin Escardo.

21 March 2014:  Flavien Breuvart (Paris 7), seminar on A bridge between semirings

14-21 March 2014: Workshops on duality and probabilistic systems in Barbados, featuring talks by Martin Escardo and Achim Jung

14 March 2014:  Tarmo Uustalu (Tallinn), seminar on Update monads: cointerpreting directed containers

February 2014:  Welcome to our new PhD students Tomáš Jakl and Xiaodong Jia

22-24 January 2014:  POPL in San Diego, featuring Freeze After Writing: Quasi-Deterministic Parallel Programming with LVars and Callbacks by Kuper, Turon, Krishnaswami and Newton, and The Essence of Reynolds by Brookes, O’Hearn and Reddy

20 January 2014:  POPL tutorial day in San Diego, featuring Architecture-agnostic compilation of high-level languages by Dan Ghica

16 January 2014:  Paul Taylor, seminar on An introduction to overt subspaces of R^n

10 January 2014:  Edwin Brady (St Andrews), seminar on General purpose programming with dependent types

January 2014:  Alexis Goyet arrives to work on A higher-order approach to co-design 

17 December 2013:  Midlands Graduate School Christmas Seminar in Leicester

2-7 December 2013:  1st workshop on mathematical structures featuring Achim Jung’s lectures on Ordered sets in computer science

2-4 December 2013:  Bounded Linear Types workshop in Fontainebleau, coorganized by Dan Ghica and featuring talks by Dan, Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg and Neel Krishnaswami

29 November 2013:  Congratulations to Liang-Ting Chen on a successful PhD viva.  His thesis On a purely categorical framework for coalgebraic modal logic was examined by Clemens Kupke (Strathclyde) and Paul Levy.

25-27 November 2013:  Olle Fredriksson and Bram Geron attend Google’s 1st European PhD student summit on Compiler and Programming Technology in Munich

25-26 November 2013:  Royal Society International Scientific Seminar on Computational interpretations of mathematical theorems featuring Martin Escardo’s talk on Topoogy and Computation

22 November 2013:  Anton Setzer (Swansea), seminar on The dual of pattern matching - copattern matching

18 November 2013: Dan Ghica speaks at MPI Saarbrücken on Bounded Linear Types

8 November 2013:  Bob Atkey, seminar  on From Parametricity to Conservation Laws, via Noether's Theorem

1 November 2013: Hilary Priestley (Oxford), seminar on Product representation of default bilattices

1 November 2013:  Mojgan Mahmoudi joins us as a sabbatical visitor until May 2014

18 October 2013: Dan Ghica will give a half-day tutorial at POPL 2014 on Architecture-independent compilation

18 October 2013:  James Brotherston (UCL), seminar on Parametric completeness for separation theories (via hybrid logic)

17 October 2013: Dan Ghica PC member for LICS/CSL 2014

16 October 2013: Dan Ghica giving a seminar at Middlesex University on Seamless Computing

11 October 2013:  Paul Levy’s call-by-push-value tutorial at Kyoto University

6-10 October 2013: NII Shonan meeting on Coinduction for computation structures and programming languages, featuring Paul Levy’s talk on Final Coalgebras from Modal Logic

30 September 2013:  Bram Geron joins us as a PhD student supervised by Paul Levy

28 September 2013: The HOPE workshop  in Boston, featuring Uday Reddy’s talk The Essence of Algol: A Retrospective 

25-27 September 2013: ICFP in Boston, featuring Mtac: a Monad for Typed Tactic Programming in Coq (Beta Ziliani, Derek Dreyer, Neel Krishnaswami, Aleksandar Nanevski and Viktor Vafeiadis), Higher-Order Functional Reactive Programming Without Spacetime Leaks (Neel Krishnaswami), Complete and Easy Bidirectional Typechecking for Higher-Rank Polymorphism (Joshua Dunfield and Neel Krishnaswami)

16 September 2013:  Neel Krishnaswami joins us as a Birmingham Fellow

9 - 21 July 2013:  Kamal Lodaya visiting from Chennai

8 July 2013:  Congratulations to Roly Perera, who graduates with a PhD on Interactive Functional Programming

4 July 2013:  Michael Fourman (Edinburgh), seminar on Reflection in Sheaf Models

2-10 July 2013:   Ramon Jansana visiting from Barcelona

26-28 June 2013:  TLCA in Eindhoven featuring A Constructive Model of Uniform Continuity (Chuangjie Xu and Martin Escardo)

25-28 June 2013:  LICS in New Orleans featuring Fibred Data Types (Neil Ghani, Peter Hancock, Lorenzo Malatesta, Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg and Anton Setzer), Kripke semantics for modal bilattice logic (Achim Jung and Umberto Rivieccio) and Abstract machines for game semantics, revisited (Olle Fredriksson and Dan Ghica)

23-25 June 2013:  MFPS in New Orleans featuring Continuity of Gödel's System T Definable Functionals via Effectful Forcing (Martin Escardo) and Automata-theoretic Semantics of Idealized Algol with Passive Expressions (Uday Reddy)

17 June 2013:   Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg arrives to work on A higher-order approach to co-design

25-27 May 2013:   Samson@60 in Oxford featuring talks by Dan Ghica and Achim Jung

May-June 2013:  Dan Ghica visiting Univ. Paris 13, and also giving talks at LIPN, Inria-Saclay and PPS

17 May 2013:  Cai Wingfield (Bath), seminar on Graphical Foundations for Dialogue Games

14 May 2013:  Uday Reddy’s talk at the Category Theory Research Center (Montreal) on A Reynolds Programme for Category Theory and Programming Languages

May 2013:  Achim Jung and Umberto Rivieccio visiting Ramon Jansana and Felix Bou in Barcelona

22-24 April 2013:   Pierre Clairambault (Cambridge) visiting, and giving a seminar on Concurrent Games with Symmetry

18-19 April 2013:   Neil Ghani and Patricia Johann (Strathclyde) visiting, and Neil’s seminar on Fibrational Parametricity

8-12 April 2013:     Midlands Graduate School in Leicester, including courses by Uday Reddy and Eike Ritter

18 March-12 April 2013:  Achim Jung visiting Jean Goubault-Larrecq at ENS Cachan

15 March 2013:    Jules Villard (UCL), seminar on The Ramifications of Sharing in Data Structures

1 March 2013:     Uday Reddy’s talk at the Workshop on Algebra, Coalgebra and Topology in Bath on Automata theory for program semantics

18-22 Feb 2013:  Martin Escardo visiting the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, as part of the Univalent Foundations of Mathematics programme

8 Feb 2013:        Martin Escardo’s talk at the 7th Scottish Category Theory Seminar in Edinburgh on Sheaves in type theory: a model of uniform continuity

1 Feb 1013:       James Worrell (Oxford), seminar on Decision problems for linear recurrence sequences

24 Jan 2013:     Olle Fredriksson speaking at the 19th Wessex Seminar in Swansea

23 Jan 2013:     POPL in Rome, featuring Sam Staton’s talk (joint with Paul Levy) on Universal properties of impure programming languages

16 Jan 2013:         Martin Escardo and Paul Levy giving talks at the 18th Wessex Seminar in Southampton

11 Jan 2013:      Conor McBride (Strathclyde), seminar on Frank, a direct style language with effects

21 Dec 2012:        Dan Ghica nominated co-chair of the LOLA workshop (at LICS 2012) and on the MFPS XXIX PC

18 Dec 2012:     Midlands Graduate School Christmas Seminar in Nottingham, with talks by Sam Staton (joint work with Paul Levy), Dirk Sudholt and Roland Backhouse

10 Dec 2012:        Dan Ghica will give a seminar at Imperial College, EEE-CAS group

30 Nov 2012:         Dan Ghica nominated PC member for the PLACES workshop

30 Nov 2012:     Pawel Sobocinski (Southampton), seminar on Compositional algebras of C/E and P/T nets

30 Nov 2012:         Dan Ghica, theory seminar, University College London

16 Nov 2012:     Natasha Alechina (Nottingham), seminar on Agent Programming Languages

16 Nov 2012:        Nikolai Kraus (Nottingham), Homotopy Theory and Hedberg’s Theorem, at the Mathematical Lunch

14 Nov 2012:        Dan Ghica awarded EPSRC grant on Higher-order Codesign

10 Nov 2012:        Martin Escardo, Functional Programming Lunch, University of Nottingham

8-12 Oct 2012:        The Dagstuhl seminar on coalgebraic logics featuring Paul Levy’s tutorial on relators and Liang-Ting Chen’s talk (joint with Achim Jung) Coalgebraic Logic over Concrete Categories

20 Sept 2012:          Hayo Thielecke, Functional semantics of parsing actions, and left recursion elimination as continuation passing at PPDP in Leuven

10-12 Sept 2012: Roly Perera (joint with Umut Acar, James Cheney and Paul Levy), Functional programs that explain their work at ICFP in Copenhagen

9 Sept 2012:      The HOPE workshop in Copenhagen, featuring Uday Reddy’s talk Two theories of information hiding

8 Sept 2012:         Dan Ghica, invited talk on Seamless Distributed Computing from the Geometry of Interaction, 7th International Symposium on Trustworthy Global Computing (Newcastle upon Tyne)

3 Sept 2012:           Maxim Strygin and Hayo Thielecke, Operational Semantics for Signal Handling, presented at SOS in Newcastle upon Tyne

27 Aug 2012:         Yoichi Hirai (Tokyo), seminar on Concurrent computational interpretation of Dummett’s Axiom and prelinearity

10 Aug 2012:          Dino Distefano (Queen Mary), seminar on A voyage to the Deep-Heap

3 Aug 2012:         Martin Escardo, seminar on Forcing, effects and continuity

August 2012:          Claudio Hermida visiting from Montreal

19 July 2012:          We host the 15th Wessex theory seminar, with talks from Umberto Rivieccio, Anupam Das, Julian Rathke, Steve Vickers, Dusko Pavlovic and Andrzej Murawski

18 July 2012:         João Marcos (Rio Grande do Norte), seminar on The value of the two values

12 July 2012:         Uday Reddy, An Automata-Theoretic Model of Idealized Algol at ICALP in Warwick

6 July 2012:         John Longley (Edinburgh), seminar on Analyzing PCF and Kleene computability via sequential procedures

3 July 2012:         Tom Powell (Queen Mary), seminar on Modes of Bar Recursion

29 June 2012:         The GALOP workshop in Dubrovnik, co-organised by Dan Ghica, including talks by Uday Reddy and Paul Levy

28 June 2012:         LICS in Dubrovnik featuring Coproducts of Monads on Set (Jiří Adámek, Nathan Bowler, Paul Levy and Stefan Milius)

22 June 2012:         Bertfried Fauser, seminar on Geometric constructions for (op)fibrations (joint work with Steve Vickers)

16 June 2012:         Zaid Al-Zobaidi and Dan Ghica, Coherent minimisation: towards efficient tamper-proof compilation, at ICE in Stockholm

15-20 June 2012:  The 4th Workshop on Formal Topology in Ljubljana featuring a tutorial by Steve Vickers on Formal Topology and Geometric Logic, and talks by Martin Escardo and Chuangjie Xu

17 June 2012:  The DCM Workshop in Cambridge featuring Martin Escardo’s keynote talk on The intrinsic topology of the universe in intuitionistic type theory

11 June 2012:         Barbara Petit (Bologna), seminar on Linear dependent types: complexity of PCF evaluation

6-9 June 2012:         MFPS in Bath featuring Game Semantics in the Nominal Model (Gabbay and Ghica) and A System-Level Game Semantics (Ghica and Tzevelekos), and Martin Escardo’s invited tutorial on Computability on Continuous Data 

6 June 2012:         Paul Levy giving an invited course on typed λ-calculus at the Summer School on Types and Programming Languages at St Andrews

June-July 2012:  Félix Baschenis from ENS Cachan visiting to work with Paul Levy on relator matrices for nested simulation

1 June 2012:           Nobuko Yoshida (Imperial), seminar on Multiparty session types and distributed systems

31 May 2012:    Semantics and Syntax: A Legacy of Alan Turing in Cambridge, featuring Martin Escardo’s talk Searchable Sets and Ordinals in System T

29 May 2012:         Matthew Hague (Paris-Est), seminar on A saturation method for collapsible pushdown systems

23 May 2012:         The 14th Wessex theory seminar in Bath featuring talks by Olle Fredriksson and Uday Reddy