The Best Dressed Project


The Best Dressed project is a live art and social media project. The intercultural collaboration brings together Australian and Indonesian artists. Best Dressed was developed originally for the Regional Arts Australia National Conference in South Australia, it has since had two seasons in Jogjakarta (Indonesia). One at Papermoon Puppet theater's Pesta Boneka (International Puppet Party) and another appearance at Turning Targets – 25 years of Cemeti Arthouse.

The story of the Best Dressed project begins with the discovery of an image. 99 years ago, a boat decorated with swastikas and flowers was photographed near Hindmarsh Island in South Australia.This historical image is now publicly available in the Library of South Australia. Best Dressed invites conversation about the evolving meaning of this image across time and place.

Best Dressed engages people in conversation in an artistic space and asks questions about changing meanings, contexts and control of images in times and places.

The boat was photographed near Hindmarsh Island in the 1913 Goolwa regatta.

What did this image mean then?

What does this image mean now?

What could this image mean in another time or place?

Best Dressed is:

How can you to get involved?

Where can you find  Best Dressed?

There are no current shows, but plenty of amazing pictures to see

Creative Collaborators:

Octo Cornelius @octocornelius Visual Artist, Boat Framework Design

Dhona Shintaningrum @donadomikado Creative Producer

Wulang Sunu @wulangan, Visual Artist

Kate Fielding @Kate_Fielding, Visual Artist, Design

Jude Anderson @punctum, Dramaturgy

Steve Mayhew @stvmayhew, Dramaturgy

Big Thanks to:

Antariksa @antariksaid

Krista Horbatiuk

Jessica Foster

Franca Barraclough

Paul Gazzolla

Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy

Tamara Marwood

Susie Skinner

Francoise Piron

Joseph Picket

Reiko Fukumachi @fukamachirei

Ellen Roberts

Rennie ‘Emonk’ @semanismadu

Linda Marlina

Alexandrina Library Staff

Cemeti Arthouse @CemetiArtHouse