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To my son and favorite reader.

OCTOBER 22 – The ship sets sail… 

October 22 Text from Elizabeth Lavenza to Henry Clerval

10:45 AM

ELIZABETH: Vacation goal: Blast Victor out of the cyberworld & into the real one

HENRY: Not enough dynamite on the planet

ELIZABETH: I hope u r wrong

HENRY: Where r u guys now?

ELIZABETH: Southampton, England

HENRY: Where the Titanic sailed from?

ELIZABETH: Yup. Here’s a painting I just saw in Greenwich Maritime Museum



HENRY: It’s all fun and games till someone loses an…iceberg

ELIZABETH: Ha ha. At least the beginning of THAT cruise was fun

HENRY: Uh-oh. Where’s Victor?

ELIZABETH: Hiding in his cabin on ship. Banging on his laptop

HENRY: Sounds like u’ll have a fun trip! Almost as much fun as staying here in Palo Alto and watching him type


HENRY: Maybe u’d be better off hanging out IRL with ur mom?

ELIZABETH: Mom & Victor’s dad are busy planning their National Geographic piece about the Walton’s last voyage

HENRY: That IS how the trip is getting paid for: free tix if they chronicle the ship’s final voyage

ELIZABETH: Whatever. It’s not the same without u here. Victor & I r like Huey & Dewey without Louie

HENRY: Am closer to Scrooge McDuck these days

ELIZABETH: That’s Victor

HENRY: Except it’s his computer not his gold coins that he loves

ELIZABETH: Even Scrooge came around in “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”

HENRY: All u need r invisible Christmas spirits and u r set


October 22 Text from Elizabeth Lavenza to Victor Frankenstein

10:55 AM

ELIZABETH: The SS Walton won’t disembark for hours. Come onshore with me!

VICTOR: Isn’t it raining out there in nature?

ELIZABETH: Not any more. It’s kinda like this



VICTOR: Looks windy

ELIZABETH: It’s exhilarating!

VICTOR: Exhilaration is overrated

ELIZABETH: Ur body. Only u can live in it

VICTOR: Technically, parasites can live in it too

ELIZABETH: Ha ha. R u coming?

VICTOR: Can’t. Have 1 more object to debug

ELIZABETH: I’ve heard that a million times

VICTOR: It’d be faster if the damn ship had internet like my father, the Sperm Donor, promised

ELIZABETH: What’s wrong with the internet?

VICTOR: It keeps breaking  + they won’t let me fix it

ELIZABETH: Can u survive 2 weeks without internet?

VICTOR: Maybe not

ELIZABETH: Have u ever gone a DAY without internet?

VICTOR: Why would I want to?

ELIZABETH: So u can meet urself IRL!

VICTOR: Cyber-me is still me. That whole IRL distinction is crap

ELIZABETH: Gotta go enjoy life, Sunshine Boy

VICTOR: Return to me in one piece

ELIZABETH: Not more than two pieces. Promise

Henry's Browser

October 22 Southampton –

Great Britain. Sail early evening.
Check-in 12 to 5 pm

October 23  Bruges –

Belgium.  Full day on shore

October 24 Amsterdam –

Netherlands.  Full day on shore

October 25 Oslo –

Norway.  Full day on shore

October 26 Stavanger –

Norway.  Full day on shore

October 27
Flaam –

Norway.  Full day on shore

October 28 Cruise in Sognefjord –

Norway.  Evening

October 29 Cruise in Nordfjord –

Norway.  Evening

October 30 Trondheim –

Norway.  Full day

October 31
Bodo –

Norway.  Morning

November 1 Reykjavik –

Iceland. Full day

November 2 Southampton –

Great Britain.  Arrive early morning,
disembark 9 to 11 am

Henry's Browser

Victor's Phone Notes: To Do

Use crawler to retrieve text from all portals I used in the past 5 years: email, Facebook, MySpace, twitter, Amazon reviews, Netflix reviews, YouTube reviews, SecondLife, Runescape, World of Warcraft, other online games, etc.

Dump the texts into a database, separated by end of message, periods, hard line breaks, etc. Borrow processing power to speed this up

Move results into AI database

Set up data mining engine to sort out meaningful questions + answers: AI chatbot complete!

Win the Turing test in all major online contests: True Turing, Conversationalist, etc.

Get scholarship + early admittance to Carnegie Mellon

Leave home a year early!

Finally spend “quality time” with Elizabeth

Rule the world

Screw up massively + be stuck living with the Sperm Donor another year until I graduate 

Victor's Browser

Elizabeth's Browser

October 22 Text from Elizabeth Lavenza to Henry Clerval

9:10 PM

ELIZABETH: I dragged Victor out of his cabin & on deck this evening

HENRY: Bet he hated it

ELIZABETH: U r not going to believe this, but he was almost struck by lightning!



HENRY: Figures. Is he OK?

ELIZABETH: Fine, but mad! Now he swears Mother Nature hates him. He’s nursing a grudge in his cabin

HENRY: Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did u like the play?

ELIZABETH: Southampton’s amazing!

HENRY: The Queen Mary had her maiden voyage from there. Remember that trip?

ELIZABETH: U were scared to go on the ghost hunting tour

HENRY: The entire Clerval/Lavenza/Frankenstein clans were there! If I screamed like a girl I’d never live it down

ELIZABETH: U were very brave in the end

HENRY: So patronizing. Ouch. That trip was awful!

ELIZABETH: I thought the Queen Mary ghost hunting tour was cool

HENRY: U thought all the yearly trips were cool

ELIZABETH: Every single one. Every single summer since we were 11. I miss them. Don’t u?

HENRY: Doesn’t matter, E. After that trip everything died

ELIZABETH: Not everything. Just Victor’s mom & my parent’s marriage

HENRY: And my freedom

ELIZABETH: What r u up to today?

HENRY: U 2 r missing the Palo Alto junior/senior homeschool prom right now

ELIZABETH: Is it fun?

HENRY: Didn’t go. Didn’t want to dance in the wheelchair

ELIZABETH: Remember when u taught me to dance in 5th grade for our first homeschool dance?

HENRY: My poor sad toes remember

ELIZABETH: If u can dance with me, u can dance with anything, even a wheelchair

HENRY: Do u know how gratingly cheerful u can be?

ELIZABETH: It’s not easy either

HENRY:  :)


HENRY: Miss u both. Tell Victor Mother Nature might not be so angry if he visited more often

ELIZABETH: Will do. G’night

HENRY: Sleep tight

October 22 Text from Alphonse Frankenstein to Victor Frankenstein

9:14 PM

ALPHONSE: Hey, Victor! Where are you?


ALPHONSE: Don’t wait up for me, kiddo. I’ll be up late working. Lots of historical photos to plow through.

ALPHONSE: Good night.

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This is a work of fiction based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Any resemblance to any other characters, living, dead, or undead, is coincidental.

Copyright © 2012 by Rebecca Cantrell


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