HUT Forum Tourney 3 Rules


If you are competing in the tourney, please read over the rules to avoid any potential issues.  Please make sure you are perfectly clear of all the rules before competing in this tourney.  If you have any questions/potential problems, please let it be known now to avoid issues in the future

Ok, so what won’t be tolerated?

-killing the clock, with a lead or when the other person is on the PP (dumping is ok, skating around your own zone is not)

-blatant, excessive spinning. this won’t be tolerated and if it’s proven you’re doing this for minutes at a time, you are subject to a ban

-any other play that may be considered unsporting

-all cases will be reviewed on an individual basis before a decision is made

Will there be a buy in?

I will not require any buy in for this first tourney, mostly just because I don't want to deal with a full trading pile of junk contracts all weekend, and the prizes will be taken care of by me and anyone wanting to donate. Thanks for your help guys, I really appreciate it. Anyone else who would like to donate, feel free.

Bracket information / how to advance:

NCAA Tourney Style.  Everyone will be seeded according to overall rank.  

We’re tied after the 5 minute overtime, now what?

In the event of a tie after 3 periods and the 5 minute overtime, you must then play another game in which the first person to score gets the win. The loser will still receive 1 point for a OTL.

What do I do if there is excessive lag?

If there is excessive lag the best course of action would to pause the game asap. Let it be known to the other player of the reason for your pause. If after resuming the game, the lag continues, both players should quit the game. If there was any score at the time of the quit, the team that is trailing should pull their goalie and allow goals until the score is what it was before the quit. If after starting another game, it continues to lag excessively, both players should quit out and note the score and try again the following day or next time both are available. If it lags excessively at that time, the situation needs to be reported to me through a PM and a judgment call will have to be made of how to award the points.

Do we play ranked games or play-a-friend?

All games will be played through the "Play a Friend" feature. If you'd rather play a ranked game, I don't mind, but if someone want's to play "play a friend" and you don't want to, too bad.

I just finished my game, how do I report it?

I will need all scores to be reported to me on the tourney thread. Should a discrepancy arise between 2 people on a score, evidence will need to be presented and I will make a decision based on the facts at hand.

I can’t get ahold of who I’m supposed to play, what now?

Any issues getting matched up with someone, or if someone has been impossible to contact, must be reported to me and I will make a decision.

What are the team offensive/defensive/goaltending/salary caps?

Maximum Offense rating (95) Maximum Defense rating (93) NO Max Goalie Rating, no salary cap requirement

Should I use International or North American ice for the tourney?

Everyone must have North American ice set to their home arena.

How is home ice determined for the playoffs?

Home ice advantage for the "playoff" rounds will be determined by higher seed. It will then switch between the players until there is a victor.

How is home ice determined for the round robin?

For the round robin games, home ice should switch off every game for players.  Everyone should end up with either 3 or 2 games on their home ice.

Playoff Information:

Quarter Finals 

For the quarter finals there will be 8 teams remaining from the round robin. Points in your division will be used first to determine the 1-4 seeds. In the event of a tie in points, head to head record will be the first tie breaker.  If it is a 3 way tie, goal differential will be used as the tie breaker. If goal differential is tied, the higher overall ranked player will get the better seed.  The 2nd 4 spots will be based on the tourney points accumulated for the 4 2nd place finishers with the same tie breakers applying. You will have 3 days to set up your game with who you are matched up against. This round will be best of 3. The set up will be as follows.





Semi Finals 

For the semi finals we will be down to 4 teams. The seeds will remain the same from the previous round with the highest seed playing the lowest and the 2 middle seeds playing each other. This round will be best of 3. You will have 3 days to set up your game with who you are matched up against. The set up will be as follows.




2 teams remaining for the championship. This round will be best of 5. You will have 3 days to set up your game.

Thanks and good luck everyone!