You are the TOP DOG - Letting your wolf dog know you are the Alpha

By Edye Marin, Professional Wolf Hybrid Breeder


Your Wolf Hybrid Dog needs to know that you are the leader of its pack, thus giving it the proper perspective of its place and yours in the world.

You may find this list of rules helpful to ensure your dog understands your mutual places.

If you own a wolf hybrid, you should consider heeding these rules. Canines need to have a clear understanding of their place in the pack.  A wolfdog lacking that insight will not be happy or fulfilled.

Some wolfdog behaviors might not be what they seem.  For example separation anxiety may seem like your wolf dog is destructive when you leave the house. When in reality it is nervous being left home alone.  Wolves are social animals which live in packs, thus they do not do well being left alone for extended periods of time.  



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