Physical Science A

Chapter 2 Properties of Matter Notes

Classifying Matter

Examples of Pure substances in Chemistry


Name that mixture


Apple Pie-

Kool Aid-

Italian Dressing-

Homogeneous vs Heterogeneous

Homogeneous- appears to be the ________________ all the way throughout. ex. _______________, each drink should be the same, or the air we breath

_______________- _________________ appear to be the same all the way throughout.                     ex. _______________, each serving is slightly different.

Solutions, Colloids, Suspensions

Solutions- ____________________mixtures that are the same all the way throughout, particles in liquid are very small  ex. ________________

Suspension- ___________________ mixtures that can be shaken up to be temporarily homogeneous, although they eventually settle back into layers, have large particle size.  Ex. _______________________   ___________________________

Colloid- _____________________ mixture, particle size in between the solutions and suspension.  Light will _____________________________ in this solution.  Ex. __________, ______________ (how is non-store milk different?)

Physical Properties

Can be observed without altering the composition of the substances

Physical Changes

Chemical Properties

Chemical Changes