Lesson 2 Questions


Sumer and Akkad

1. What does the world ‘Mesopotamia’ actually mean?

2. What are the names of the two major rivers?

3. What allowed the people of Mesopotamia to rise and prosper as a legitimate civilization?

4. What were the two major city-states in early Mesopotamia?

5. List one similarity between the two places.

6. List one difference between the two places.  

7. List the two major things Sumer and Akkad went to war over.

8. What was the link between Heaven and earth for the people of Mesopotamia?

Religion and Government

9. Why would people build huge temples?

10. What does the word “society” mean?

11. The people of Mesopotamia were polytheistic. What does that mean?

12. What is “divine kingship” ?  

13. What is the class system of Mesopotamia based on?  ______________________

List the class system:






14. What is a scribe?

15. What was established as the new system of writing?

Rise and Fall of the Akkadian Empire

16. Who was the king of Akkad?

Sumer’s Final Days

17. What were the 3 important contributions from Sumer?