Junk food should be sold at the school canteen.

   Girls and boys! We must unite! Let’s stand up for ourselves and declare that even 10 year olds can decide what they can and cannot eat.


   Grade 3 and 4 is not the Junior Department! We are almost seniors!

Middles are capable of choosing our own lunch from the canteen.

   Students of today are well educated. We study healthy foods and we know a lot about the Food Pyramid. We are responsible for our own body and everyone will choose a treat every now and then- obviously not all the time!

   Canteens try their best to offer a good business to the school and they try hard to make a living from their canteen business. Schools even get some money from the profits to spend on a good education for each student.

    Have you ever heard of a doctor or a lawyer or even a teacher going into a cafe that does not sell delicious, tasty food. NO! Why should schools canteens have the food police in them?

Let’s join in the protest everyone! School canteens should be like every other shop. They should be allowed to sell the foods that kids want to eat.