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The Choice activity allows you to survey the students.  With this tool you can assess basic understanding of a topic, take a quick poll, and/or ask for group member preferences in learning activities, among other things.

This guide will help you to:

Adding a Choice Activity

  1. Turn Editing On. For more information, see the Moodle ISU Overview.
  2. In the week/topic you wish to add the resource to, Click Add an activity or resource.


  1. Select Choice.
  2. Click Add. This will take you to the Adding a new choice page.


Manage Choice Activity Settings


  1. Type a descriptive name in the Choice name box. This is required to set up the activity.
  2. Type the question and/or instructions in the Description box. This is required to set up the activity.
  1. To display the description on the course page, Check the box next to Display description on course page.
  1. Display Mode - determines whether the different choices will display vertically or horizontally.



  1. Allow choice to be updated-  determines whether or not a student can change their choice after selecting one.
  2. Limit the number of responses allowed -
  1. No - Will allow students to select any of the choices available no matter how many others have selected it.
  2. Yes - Will limit the number of participants for each of the choices available.
  1. Type the topic or option that you wish to assess in the Option text boxes. These are the answers that the students will be able to choose.  
  2. If you have enabled limits on the responses, enter the number of responses in the Limit box.
  3. If you wish to add more than five options, Click Add 3 fields to form.



  1. To enable this function, Check the Restrict answering to this time period check box.
  2. Enter the desired dates and times from the Open and Until Dropdown menus.

Note:  If you do not restrict the time limit, the choice will be available to the students throughout the course.



  1. Publish results -  determines whether and/or when to publish the results.
  2. Privacy of results - only available if all of the results are published. It allows you to publish the results as non-anonymous or anonymous.
  3. Show column for unanswered -  when set to “Yes, this displays a column in the results showing how many students have not answered.

Common Module Settings

This section sets how the activity uses groups and manual grade calculations. For more information on groups and groupings, see Groups and Groupings. For more information on manual grade calculations, contact ITRC.

Restrict Access

For more information on restricting access, see Conditional Release or contact ITRC.

Activity Completion
This section sets the conditions under which Moodle ISU will consider the activity to be complete. For more information on completion tracking, see Completion Tracking.

Once you have everything set:

  1. Click Save and Display to view the choice.  
  2. Click Save and Return to Course to be taken back to the main course page.
  3. Click Cancel to disregard adding the activity and to be taken back to the home screen.

Review and Download Student Responses

  1. Select the choice activity from the home page of your course.


  1. Click View (#) responses.

view responses.jpg

  1. You can view the students’ responses on this screen or you can choose to download them in an ODS, Excel, or text format by Clicking  Download in ___ format button.


For more information, see Choice Module.

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