Dear Friends, Supporters, Co-opers, and People of Faith,

With the coming of our first spring at the Lucy Stone Cooperative, we’ve been enjoying watching the garden unfold itself to us.  The forsythia bushes with their flaming yellow flowers, a single red tulip that popped up.  Our community is also continuing to emerge, with programs like our Sunday singing, movie and mending nights, and faith-sharing groups popping up, and another successful leadership development training.  We hope to see you sometime soon!

Leadership Training: "Popular Education and Community Organizing"

Lucy Stone recently hosted a training on Popular Education and Community Organizing, led by Elandria Williams, a Unitarian Universalist who works at the Highlander Center.  We brought together over 30 activists and organizers from around the city to spend 8 hours learning about facilitation, community mapping and the steps for building a community organizing campaign.  In addition to the skills and strategies we learned together, the training provided an amazing opportunity for co-opers, Unitarian Universalists, folks working on domestic violence prevention, and other community activists to share their stories and experiences together.

Sunday Singing!

We have already established a tradition of candlelight dinners and singing every Sunday evenings.  Please feel free to join us at 7pm on Sundays for a vegetarian/vegan dinner at our house (28 Moreland St in Roxbury), to be followed by an hour or two of hearty singing.  We have a handful of songbooks, but feel free to bring your own.  Contact with questions or to plan a visit.

Final Call - Newly Forming Young Adult Faith-Sharing Groups

We want to create a spiritual space for young adults of various faith traditions and unchurched, women- and queer-inclusive folks, to learn and grow with and from one another.  Participants meet weekly or monthly and can take turns leading discussions, activities, and prayer.  If you’re interested in participating, let us know, and we’ll either put you in touch with an exisiting group or let you know if there's enough interest to start another group. Contact Rowan at to participate or learn more.

Emergence Reflection, by Greg Buckland, Shared at Worship at First Parish in Brookline

For the last 10 months or so, my day job has been with a carpenter in Jamaica Plain. We are rehabbing a beautiful old house whose interior had been destroyed by water damage and flood. The backyard at the construction site is hard packed dirt. The grass, shrubs, and flowers that once grew there have been worn away by the comings and goings of heavy boots, demolition debris, and construction materials. The remaining earth is muddy and barren. Over these past few weeks, though, some bold little plants - maybe crocuses - have pushed their way up through the dirt, and made their presence known. Their fresh green shoots stand out brightly against the dark brown dirt, and the piles of grey gravel.

Someone, I'm not sure who, saw these three or four little patches of green, and decided to protect them. They placed bricks in square formations - small, simple barriers - around each patch. These little brick structures remind us not to trample the emerging life underfoot.

Over the last three years, I have been involved with the emergence of the Lucy Stone

Cooperative. Through scores of one-on-one and small group conversations about what

the cooperative might be or become, we assembled a Planning Team – a group of

individuals committed to help birth this new mission and concept.




In cooperation,

Elizabeth, Greg, Heather, Hilary, Matt, Rae, and Rowan

The Lucy Stone Cooperative

Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives Board