Personal Conduct

English 227, Section 004

Introduction to Creative Writing - Fall 2012

Instructor: Ryan Edel

Office Hours: Tuesday 1-3pm and Wednesday 11am-1pm, STV 414B

Course Website:

Creative work requires a safe atmosphere for all participants. All students will be treated equally and fairly. Behavior counter to a productive professional environment will not be allowed (e.g. name-calling, personal insults, threats). Per university regulations and standard ethics, no acts of discrimination, sexual harassment, or violence will be tolerated. Students who violate these principles may be marked absent and asked to leave. In cases of repeated or blatant violations, students may be referred to the Community Rights and Responsibilities Office or other appropriate campus offices.

In Class

Respect for your classmates depends upon respect for the course itself. When present in class, please focus your attention on the discussions at hand. I will strive to make our discussions fun and educational - I prefer that you not check Facebook or personal e-mail during class time unless needed for collaboration. Texting to individuals outside of class is particularly distracting, and is also not recommended. Anyone who repeatedly violates this

policy may be marked absent and asked to leave, particularly if this behavior begins to distract other students.

Artistic Freedom versus Classroom Appropriate Material

Writing is a very broad field, and we can potentially draw material from not just written works, but other cultural modes of expression (e.g. fashion, politics, and pornography). However, our freedom as artists must coexist with our responsibilities as members of the academic community. During this course, we must confine our public projects and examples to materials which are appropriate for the classroom. For the regular weekly assignments (which will only be read by me), you may consider and discuss any material of interest. Materials to be shared in class or online must be acceptable to a larger, PG (possible PG-13) audience. No works which exhibit or promote pornography, explicit violence, or illegal activities may be shared in the classroom without explicit instructor permission. When in doubt, please check first - I’m happy to review any material to let you know if it’s suitable for the classroom atmosphere.