Roborodentia XVII

Competition Rules and Course Specification:

Version 1.3 (3/27/12)

This year's competition is a head-to-head double elimination tournament where the object of the competition is to collect small cans and push them into an end zone.

        Competition Date:  April 14, 2012

        Competition Location:  Mott Gym, Cal Poly Campus

        Registration Deadline:  TBD

The competition is organized by the Cal Poly Eta Kappa Nu chapter and the CPE Society.

Teams are required to register with their intent to compete in Roborodentia. Registration forms will be made available.

Note: Rules are subject to minor updates and clarifications. Any changes will be announced and noted at the bottom of this page.

Download the competition layout here:  Course Sketchup file

1. Course Specifications (see attached diagrams for more details and dimensions)

1.1  The entire course is 8’ wide x 8’ long with 4” high walls around the edges.

1.2  The black lines shown on the playing field are strips of 3/4" black masking tape.

1.3  Each team has an end zone which is width of the playing field.

1.4  A center dividing wall is located between the two sides of the playing field.  The center portion of the wall will be removed 60 seconds into a match.

1.5  The cans are 3 oz. cat food cans (Fancy Feast brand).  The cans on each side of the field will be colored. A side will contain either all red cans or all blue cans.

1.6  The cans will be spray painted using Rust-oleum Gloss Sunrise Red and Rust-oleum Gloss Royal Blue.  The bottom of the cans will not be painted.

2. Robot Specifications

2.1  Robots must be fully autonomous and self-contained.

2.2  Robots must be 12” x 12” or smaller at beginning of the match, but may autonomously expand after the match begins. At any point during a match, a robot may not be larger than 14” x 14”.  There is no height limitation.

2.3  A robot may not disassemble into multiple parts.

2.4  Robots may not use any RF wireless receivers/transmitters during the competition. 

2.5  Robots may not damage the course or the contest cans.

2.7  Adhesives may be used to pick up cans, but the cans may not be modified in any way.  A can must be completely free of residue after it has been picked up.

2.8  If a robot has RF wireless components on-board, the contestant will be required to notify the judges before the competition, and be able to demonstrate that the wireless components are not used.  If RF components are found on-board that were not declared, or declared nonoperational when active, it will be grounds for immediate disqualification.

2.9  Intentionally jamming an opponent's sensors is not allowed.

3. Competition Regulations

3.1  Each side of the field will initially contain 14 cans.

3.2  A robot starts a match in any orientation and location in its end zone.

3.3  A can is scored if the can is resting only on the playing field and the can is entirely within the end zone.  A scored can may touch the scoring robot, but may not rest on the robot for support.

3.4  A can is “stacked” and scored if it is resting only on other scored cans.  No part of the stacked can may rest on the playing field or a robot in order to be scored.

3.5  The black tape bordering an end zone is considered part of the end zone.

3.6  The center portion of the dividing wall will be removed when a robot scores all of its cans or 60 seconds into a match, whichever comes first.

3.7  If a contest can goes off the course, then the can is out of play with no penalty assessed.

3.8  Robots will be randomly seeded on the morning prior to the event.

3.9  The tournament will be run in a double elimination format.

3.10  A match will last 3 minutes.

3.11  If both teams agree, the match may end prior to three minutes.

3.12  At the end of a match, the robot with more points in the final configuration wins that match.

3.13  One false start is allowed per team per match. A false st                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               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3.14  A 3 second tone countdown will signal the start of a match. Contestants must start the robot during this period by pressing only 1 button 1 time. Contestants may not touch a robot during a match. Touching a robot ends the run for that robot and the robot keeps all points up to that instant.

3.15  If both robots are entangled for 6 seconds, a referee will tell each team to restart their robot from their respective end zone.  The match clock will continue to run during a restart.  Both teams must restart their robots (by pressing a button within 10 seconds of the referee’s signal), otherwise the match ends for a robot.  

3.16  If a robot travels on to the opponent's side of the playing field and causes the robots to be entangled for 6 seconds, all cans in possession by the offending robot will be required to be released.  Those cans may be placed in any location (unstacked and not in an end zone) on the playing field (determined by the team not causing the entanglement).  Cans in possession by the robot not causing the entanglement may optionally be removed (otherwise must remain the configuration at ending time of entanglement).  The robot not causing entanglement must completely leave and return to the end zone in order for those cans in its possession to be scored.

3.17  In order for a can to be scored, a judge must be able to laterally remove the can without interference from the scoring robot.  A can that satisfies this property may not be surrounded by more than 180 degrees at the time of score calculation.  All cans above a can that cannot be laterally extracted will also NOT be scored.

4.  Scoring

4.1  A team’s can located in a robot's end zone will be worth 1 point.  If cans are stacked on other cans, the score for a can will increase by 2 points for each can in a stack.  Can scoring will be: 1 point, 3 points, 5 points, and so on based on the height of a can in a stack.  For example, a stack of 3 cans is worth 9 total points.

4.2  Opponent cans that reside in a team’s end zone are also scored based on height in a stack:  2 points, 4 points, 6 points, and so on.

5. Penalties

5.1  A robot that attempts to damage an opponent's robot will be disqualified for that match.

5.2  A robot may not have weaponry designed to damage an opponent’s robot.

5.3  Robots that do not leave their end zone within the first 20 seconds of a match will be considered inoperable and will forfeit the match.

5.4  If both robots have not moved for 60 seconds (at any time during a match), the match will end.

5.5  If a robot exceeds the size restrictions during a match, the match ends for that robot.  The opponent robot may continue the match.

6. Tie breakers

In the event of a tie, the following tie breakers (listed in order below) will be used to

determine a winner:

1.  Whichever robot scores the tallest stack.  If both teams have a stack of the same height, that pair of stacks will be excluded when determining this tiebreaker.

        2.  Whichever robot scores more opponent cans.

        3.  Whichever robot moves more cans located at the intersections of the black tape.

        4.  Whichever robot is not located in their own end zone at the end of the match.

        5.  Coin toss

7. Contestant eligibility

Anybody may enter Roborodentia XVII.  If the winning team does not have a current Cal Poly student as a member, $200 of the 1st place prize money will be donated to the highest placing team with a student member.

8. Prizes

Below are the prize levels:

1st Place - $1,000

2nd Place - $600

3rd Place - $400

Rules Changelog:

Version 1.0 (11/28/11) - Initial release

Version 1.1 (2/28/12) - Added Sketchup file

Version 1.2 (3/2/12)

Version 1.3 (3/27/12) - modified rule 3.16