Science Fiction - Creative Writing Prompts

Rule #1

Rule #2

Rule #3

Day 1

Two words from your card must be in the first sentence.

You must incorporate a childhood tv show somehow into the story

There must be a Robot / AI in your story.

Day 2

The word in the top right hand corner must be in the last sentence of your story.

This is your setting.

First person narration

Day 3

You must use the word written the biggest in the first sentence.

There must a fear of science somewhere

Your narrator must be very small.

Day 4

Your story has to start with the letter A

The last line has to have the word ‘invincible’ in it

It must encompass a sci fi theme

The date 12/12/12 has to be in the story

No letter L

Tom Brady has to be in the story

write with the opposite hand

No ‘the’

No nouns

12 sentences

Something has to blow up

Has to make sense forwards and backwards

12 words per sentence

Apathetic aliens (or something)

Written in Spanish (or Latin) (or French) (or sign language)