Proposal Assignment

Stefanie Dao

English 302 Business Communication


Craft a game design concept/narrative summary. This document describes the intended gameplay experience. If the design is for an arena shooter, then describe the moment-to-moment experience of combat. If the design is for an interactive fiction, then describe the narrative and how the player contributes to it. If the design is for a role-playing adventure, the describe the world and how the player engages it. The narrative summary should be approximately 2-8 pages, depending on the scope of the game.

Additionally, craft a minimum of 3 feature briefs, each outlining a core feature of the design. These documents may include charts, diagrams, or screenshots from other games to help to explain the feature's design. Each feature brief should be approximately 2-4 pages.

Keep in mind the scope of the design. While the designed game in its entirety may require more than the allotted time, its core features (i.e. vertical slice) should be able to be completed. For example, if you were to design a FPS, then it would need: (A) player movement, (B) camera attachment, (C) player and AIs weapon use, (D) player and AI health, (E) player gaining ammunition, (F) AI behavior. This is certainly not a exhaustive list, but each features supports the core player experience.

At the end of this quest, adventurers should be able to:

Explain the player experience for the proposed design

Describe the game's features at the developer level


Create a game concept to be developed by the Fall 2011, ArtIS 409 Video Game Design and Development course.  The resulting project will not be a complete game, but a “vertical slice,” containing all the elements that the finished project would exhibit, though not necessarily in their final form.  The project would be developed by the entire ArtIS 409 class, comprised of 17 students, of which approximately 2/3 are artists and 1/3 are programmers.

The final vertical slice should include:

Basic Information:

Working Title:  “Yoseisan”

Development Software: Unity

Platform:  PC

Genre:  3D Action/Adventure

Target Audience:  Females in the 18-24 age bracket

Main Points:  “Yoseisan” is intended to be an immersive character- and narrative-based experience.  The gameplay focuses on developing atmosphere, environment, and story, while also featuring a system of balanced elemental mechanics to create complexity and depth in environment and AI interactions.  Further, “Yoseisan” aims to create a novel gameplay experience by combining unexpected aspects of existing games and genres to develop an unusual result.

Concept Tagline:  “Pokémon + Survival/Horror”

Summary:  You are trapped in a strange world and must find a way to escape using the resources given to you.

Previous Game Influences:  Pokémon, Golden Sun, Silent Hill, Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Room 1:  The first room is your “safe room,” where there are no enemies or obstacles.  There is a bed where you can regain your health, a toilet, a sink, a side table with nothing on it, and a refrigerator containing enough food for one more meal.  There is also a metal door which is unlocked.  There is a crayon drawing on the wall.  It is a drawing of you.

However, if you stay in this room for five minutes, a timer warning will pop up.  If you stay in the room for five more minutes without leaving at least once, you will die from isolation-induced insanity and the game will be over.  Go out through the door to proceed to the next level.

Room 2:  The door leads to a hallway, with other rooms branching off to the sides.  It is very industrialized-looking and bleak.  There are no people, but there are small animals such as rats and spiders that will harm you.  You can fight back by stomping on them or smacking them with objects you pick up.  On your way through the hallway, you come across a small creature called “yosei” (meaning “sprite” or “fairy”) being attacked by rats.  You have to fight off the rats, at which point the yosei will ask if it can have your food.  If you give the food to the yosei, it will accompany you.  If you don’t, the yosei will leave.  If you want to find the yosei again, you can search the hallway and it will turn up in another location, again being attacked and again demanding your food.  You don’t have to save the yosei, but moving on through the building will be easier if you do.

At the end of the building is another door, leading to the outside, but this one is blocked by a collapsed wall.  If you have the yosei help you destroy the wall, you will automatically defeat the (dire) rat hiding in the rubble.  If you move the wall on your own, you will have to defeat the rat in combat before moving on.

Room 3:  The door leads into what appears to be a field, and you appear to be freed from the building you were being kept in.  The building is nondescript from the outside.  However, there are animals (rats, cats, foxes) in this field which are more vicious than those in the building and deal more damage.  Additionally, there are more yosei which can be freed and befriended here, if you choose to do so (they will ask for food-related items as well, which you can find in the field.  These food items will also restore your health).  The field is bordered on all sides by a barbed-wire fence, with a forest on the other side.

The gate is overgrown with plants and requires either a particular type of yosei or a weapon to break through.  Again, the obstacle can be cleared without yosei, but this time the boss is a stronger and must be defeated (either with yosei or without them).  After clearing the obstacle/boss, you enter the forest.

Room 4:  There is a path through the forest that you can choose to stick to or venture off of.  The path provides the most direct route, but much of the story (and the yosei for the level) will be missed if you doesn’t go off the path.  The entire area is still surrounded by barbed wire fences.  The enemies become more grotesque and more human-like in appearance, along with more obviously being zombies.  The final boss, which appears outside of a manmade shelter, is an undead beast-looking thing.

After you defeat the boss, you are suddenly rushed by a pack of zombie dire wolves which will definitely kill you.  You hear someone you remember is named Matty calling out for you.  You turn to look, but before you can do anything, he pushes you into the shelter and slams the door shut.  You black out inside the shelter.

Room 5:  When you come to, you realize that the shelter is not entirely a safe place (although it is safer than the outside).  There are signs that there were people here, but they aren’t here anymore.  The shelter is falling apart and being reclaimed by the forest around it.  The walls are still standing, however, and they keep out the wolf pack from the outside.  There are more yosei inside the shelter, but there are also many small enemies that continuously pester you.  You could die in here as well, but it would be a stupid death that would take some effort on your part (ie. bug room, Silent Hill 2).  There is also another bed where you can rest to restore your health.  Eventually, you find a door leading to an underground room.

There is a 25 minute time limit on this room.  Either you go outside and fight the wolf pack, which consists of infinite members, or you go into the underground room.  If you wait out the 25 minutes, you will again have a five-minute time warning, at the end of which you will die from isolation- and bug-induced insanity.

Room 6:  The underground room turns out to be a massive LSD trip.  You wake up in a bright, cartoony world populated by yosei.  Everything is happy and cheerful, except for the zombie monsters that pursue you throughout the level.  You’ve reached this level too late, and the zombies have started consuming the yosei and gaining their abilities.  You can save those yosei by defeating the enemies that have eaten them.  There is a mid-level boss fight, during which Matty appears.  If you’ve befriended at least half the possible yosei (but not all) throughout your gameplay, Matty will help you fight the mid-boss and restore your stats after the battle.  If you’ve befriended less than half the possible yosei, Matty will demand to know why you killed him and try to kill you in return by aiding the mid-boss.  If you’ve befriended all the yosei, Matty will kill the mid-boss for you, restore your stats, and give you an item that will constantly regen your MP meter.

From the mid-boss, you proceed to the end of the level, where the final boss of the stage is waiting.  As you fight it, you realize that the boss is a zombiefied yourself and that this world is made up of your own memories of fighting zombies.  Once you manage to get it down to about a third of its health, it will flee into a portal.  Entering the portal will take you to the last stage of the game.

Room 7:  The last stage of the game is undeniably Hell.  The world is still cartoony, but it is a twisted, dark type of cartoon.  All the yosei have been consumed on this level; the only way to save the remaining ones is to defeat the enemies that have eaten them.  If you have the item from the previous level, your belief level will not decrease as your yosei utilize their abilities.  If you don’t have the item, it will be distinctly more difficult to proceed.

The final boss is, again, yourself, this time with all the yosei powers you currently hold (although it will not have the ability to regenerate belief).  Once the boss is defeated, the entire world dissolves and you wake up in the final level.

Room 8:  The last level serves more as a conclusion to the story than an actual gameplay level.  The yosei you’ve befriended up until now will help you find the door to the outside; the ones you’ve ignored will heckle you and, if there are sufficient numbers, damage you as you try to escape.  If you befriended all the yosei, Matty will appear one more time to lead you toward the end.

There is a twenty minute time limit on this final level, with the same five-minute warning as the others.


[Bad Ending: Save less than half the yosei]  The game ends with you waking up in the same room as the beginning, except that it has turned into an enclosement to keep the zombified you imprisoned.

[Normal Ending: Save half to all the yosei] The game ends with you waking up in a room similar to the first room, except that there is now a window to the outside.

[Best Ending:  Save all the yosei and collect all the crayon drawings]  The game ends with you waking up in a room similar to the first room, except that there is now a window to the outside and the door is opened.  On your table is Matty’s yosei phone charm.  You take it and walk out the door.  You are forgiven.

Further Information/Extras:

Collectables:  Throughout the story, the player can find crayon drawings scattered through the maps.  The first is in plain sight, in the room where the player starts and which contains information about the date and the player’s name.  The subsequent drawings can be collected and also organized by date.  When put together, they tell the backstory of the game.

  1. Drawing of yourself.  On the back, your therapist wrote your name.
  2. Drawing of yourself in armor.  You look quite cool.
  3. Drawing of yourself and Matty.  He’s definitely your best friend.
  4. Drawing of zombies.  They look quite ferocious.
  5. Drawing of yourself shooting zombies.  You’re quite the hero.
  6. Drawing of yourself and Matty with your squad.  You guys are awesome.
  7. Drawing of Matty being attacked by a zombie.  It hurts to look at it.
  8. Drawing of yourself crying.  You look very sad.
  9. Drawing of Matty standing between you and a zombie.
  10. Drawing of your superior giving commands.  You feel angry when you look at it.
  11. Drawing of Matty’s armor and belongings after they were collected.  One of them is a yosei cell phone charm that he made.
  12. Drawing of yourself in your room.

The yosei are also collectables, although they are able to be utilized as gameplay elements.

Save Method:  The game autosaves every time you enter or exit a level.  The player has the option to manually save at any point, and upon reentry to the game will start at the beginning of the last level they saved on.

Backstory:  You were a member of a zombie-fighting force in a post-apocalyptic world.  However, due to your lack of skills, your higher-ups decided that you would best serve the team as live bait.  Naturally, they did not tell you this and instead sent you out with other “bait” members, including your best friend, Matty.  When you were subsequently ambushed, you pushed Matty into the way of the zombies and fled the scene; you survived, he did not.  When you found out the truth of your mission, you ended up feeling both betrayed and like a betrayer, causing you to lock yourself up into a “safe room” in your own mind.  However, you are slowly dying in that “safe room,” and your only chance for survival is to traverse through your own messed up mind and memories, accompanied by your mental projections of Matty, who takes on the shape of “yosei” (the imaginary creature he made up during his time in the zombie-fighting squad).

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Feature Briefs:

Game Pitch - PowerPoint Presentation

Video of Presentation In-Class, Oct. 10, 2011 (4:15-8:50)