Registering elementary laptops to a cart/virtual hub

Using a teacher laptop:

In addition to these 3 types of questioning, the ExpressPoll is still available for on the spot questions with or without a flipchart.  The ExpressPoll icon can be found within the flipchart page, in desktop tools, and in ActivOffice (located in PowerPoint).


Question types:

Creating 1 question per page:

1. Go to Insert > Questions

2. The Question Manager will appear

1. Select the box under the question bar and type your question.  (The question manager defaults to multiple choice.)

2. If you desire a different question type, select the multiple choice box and choose question type from the menu

3. In the question properties window, you can also change the question type

4. Select the number of answer choices by clicking the Red X’s

5. The label for each answer option can be changed by selecting the box to the left of the option

6. The correct answer(s) can be set by checking the correct answer box

7. Scroll down below answer options for additional questions properties

  • Number of Responses
  • Time Limit
  • Create a follow on question
  • Choose a question template

8.  You must check “Replace page content with new design” and choose the first “Plain Text” template or you will not see your question and answers.

9. If you wish to create a new question on another flipchart page, turn the page using the page arrows at the top of the Question Manager.  If you are finished:

  • Click Apply
  • Click Done

10.  When it is time for students to answer a question, click the Green Play button on your tool bar

Creating Self-Paced Question Sets:

Self-Paced question sets allow you to design a package fo questions that students can answer on their own.  You can decide the number of questions as well as the level and how many they must get correct to move onto the next level of questions.  

1.  Follow the same steps for creating 1 question per page (above).  

2. After the 1st question is created, select the green plus button to create an additional question or simply click below question 1 and a new question box will appear.

3. Once  you have typed in your question, you can set question properties in the window along the right side.

4. Select the question type

5. Select the level (1-9)

6. Include a test title and description

7. Set a time limit

8. You can also:

  • Choose how many correct answers the students must complete in each level before moving on to the next level.  (ex. students must correctly answer 3 of 5 Level 1 questions before moving onto Level 2)
  • Choose to Randomize the questions
  • Allow students to retry incorrect answers before moving onto other questions

(to change these options, double click where the 3 and “no” are found and a dropbox will appear)

9. You can:

  • Send a message to the student indicating that a correct response was given or edit the response (ex. Good Job!)
  • Send a message to the student indicating that an incorrect response was given or edit the response (ex. Try again)
  • Send a summary of how that student performed (# correct  and # incorrect)  This is not a % correct statement.

10. Once you have created a self-paced assessment, you have the option to save as a PDF or print the assessment by clicking on the Document Tab.  

11.  You can edit hte font under Document Properties (to the right of the window)

12.  When you are finished, click Apply and then Done

13.  If you need to go back and edit a self-paced assessment:

  • go to the page with the question set
  • Click Edit > Questions on Current page
  • Click on each individual question and make changes in the properties box to the right

14.  When it is time for students to begin a self-paced question set, click the Green Play button on your tool bar.

15.  A window will open that will show each students’ progress during the assessment.

16.  Once voting is complete, click on the number of the question you want results for and then click on the bar graph in the top right corner.  

The question displays in the right corner as well.  Choose the drop down menu to show other ways to display the data.

17.  To retrieve results at a later time, click on the voting browser.

  • Click on the plus sign next to results browser
  • Double click on the question to view the results
  • You can export to a spreadsheet or you can save the flipchart by block to retrieve grades at a later time.