Amy Mayer, Alicia Swedberg

Technology Application Strands, Related Simplified TEKS, Tools and Project Examples

Six Strands

Example TEKS Simplified


Project Examples

creativity and innovation

  1. Create original products
  2. Use virtual environments
  3. Discuss trends and outcomes you notice, and make predictions about what would happen if you continued.



Google Docs

Moodle Classrooms


Simulations like Phet (free) Gizmos and simCEO ($)


Primary Subject: Science

If a camel lived in a rainforest, would it still have a hump? In this project, students research habitats, and the animal and plant life within. Students will learn about threats to habitat life, as well as unique qualities of each habitat. Student pairs create digital presentations of their habitats with maps, photos and text to send as final reports to both their ePals and their ePals’ teacher.

Use Switcheroo Zoo to create a new animal, then make sure to show its habitat in your Prezi.

Base project idea from:

communication and collaboration

  1. Communicate locally and globally
  2. Use collaboration tools
  3. Create appropriately formatted written products
  4. Create  or participate in personal learning networks.


Skype for Educators


Google Docs






Primary Subject: Social Studies (Economics)

Students will compare gas prices from the three different geographic regions of the United States along with local gas prices.  Through a group multi-media presentation and an individual essay, students will show how gas prices vary from state to state and how the prices ultimately make a difference in how people spend their money. Students will use ePals to find another class in another part of the country or world with whom to communicate about their findings.  Each team of students will publish a report of its findings using,, or another appropriate online tool.  Students will create a PLN (personal learning network) about this topic in Edmodo within the local class and if possible accommodating the remote class.

Base project idea from:

research and information fluency

  1. Learn and use search strategies
  2. Research
  3. Collect, organize, evaluate, and validate information

Kid Rex

Google Search (Advanced, Labs)

Google Docs

Library Databases

Wolfram Alpha

Primary Subject: Language Arts

Students will research the American Dream, what it means to different people and cultures, how it changes, and how it manifests itself in literature, politics, religion, education or entertainment.  In addition, students will define their own American Dreams and explore obstacles and adjustments they might need to make to achieve those dreams. Students present their findings using film and digital presentation tools.

Base project idea from:

critical thinking, problem solving and decision making

  1. Define problems and questions
  2. Use data to develop reasonable solutions and complete projects
  3. Use appropriate tools to solve problems

Moodle Discussion

Google Spreadsheet and Graphs


Google Moderator


Primary Subject:  Math

Is there a relationship between music tempo and heart rate?  Can faster music cause our heart rate to change by itself?  If so, could a song with a sufficiently fast tempo cause a heart attack?  Students will listen to music, take their pulse, and determine whether there’s a relationship and, if so, whether it’s linear. Students will use a Pulse Oximeter and GSR to take the readings Students will use Google spreadsheets to record and graph results. Students will choose an appropriate tool to display findings.


digital citizenship

  1. Adhere to acceptable use policies and copyright principles
  2. Behave safely and ethically online
  3. Protect privacy
  4. Understand the impact of negative online behaviors

Primary Subject: World Languages

Students will use the language of study to write and perform a commercial about a topic of choice related to online safety, bullying, privacy or ethics. The teacher may allow teams to draw for topics.  Cell phones can be used to film and upload commercials.

technology operations and concepts

  1. Use appropriate terminology
  2. Use appropriate tools and practices (like file management)
  3. Troubleshoot
  4. Use a variety of input methods and proper keyboarding technique


Google Sites



Primary Subject: Career and Technical Education

Work in a team to create a web site that expresses the spirit of your school (or class, etc.) using at least three online tools mashed together, for example, a Google site with an embedded Wix, Animoto and Twitter feed. Store working files in Google shared collection to which the entire team contributes.