The Numbers

Runs are counted when the book is signed.

If you didn't sign the book, you didn't run.

As it was written, so it was done.

10 Hump Hashes

Hash Vessel

25 Hump Hashes

Necklace with Hashname

50 Hump Hashes

Ring Bottle Opener

69 Hump Hashes

69 Club Hat

100 Hump Hashes

Special Vessel (TBD)

These are the minimum number of runs before you qualify. You should expect to wait at least another six months before anyone actually notices that you need your trophy, unless you wish to participate in the"PH4 Hash Cash Expedited Processing Scheme", where a simple personal check for $690.69 made payable to the current Hash Cash, quietly, in person, will ensure a far swifter issue of the award.