Dr Oblivion Day 3 “Campbell & Wesch”


Kinzie Brooks: “One idea that Campbell had was ‘finding my unmet friend.’ That is one accomplishment that I want to make after this 5 week course.”


David Gurri: Are Universities exceptional? http://blog.davidgurri.com/?p=11

TeddiBroosevelt: http://blog.grahammanning.com/?p=15

By exposing only those who are willing and interested the infrastructure is able to grow and support itself and potentially and hopefully thrive maybe eventually being introduced to the entire student body with members who are already active to help lead the way and employ a sense of “cool” that is necessary to invoke any legitimate interest, especially when it comes to college kids.

Andrew Whitfield http://andrewsthoughtsandstuff.com/?p=7

“new age of education is programmed for discovery rather than instruction”. The main reason that I like this quote so much is because with all of the new types of communication and information that is becoming available for everyone around the world, it really allows for students to go off on their own to learn and discover  all of these new topics and put as much enjoyment and passion into it as they want.

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In his lecture, “No Digital Facelifts: Thinking the Unthinkable About Open Educational Experiences“ and essay, “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure,” Gardner Campbell acknowledges the issues present in the classroom and argues doing away with outdated technology will remedy the problem. I feel as though Campbell’s proposal is unrealistic and too far to the other extreme to be effective; the current classroom structure is too much of a contrast to an environment that is entirely web-based. Although it may seem appropriate considering our technological dependance, I don’t think the world is ready for such a change. To my understanding, the cyberinfrastructure Campbell refers to in his essay can be compared to the various identities we have established for this course. Although having a course entirely online works in this situation I don’t think this method would work with every course.

Shayna Moreland http://shaynamoreland.com/?p=3

I especially loved what Gardner Campbell suggested about the increasing advancements in technology, that they not only provide a new way of education, they also provide the student with more freedom and more power over the way they learn.

Katie Sterling http://blog.katiesterling.com/?p=34

Students become more open to the world and themselves the more they are able to identify themselves and put themselves out there. The internet allows them to create their identity and show it to others.


David Gurri http://blog.davidgurri.com/?p=15

He brings up an excellent point about modern education: it’s aimed to make people knowledgeable, but that’s no longer what really matters. Knowledge – that is, information – is everywhere now, and what’s important is not obtaining it, but learning how to filter it. Wesch brings up some excellent points about the implications this has for today’s learning environment.

Kinzie Brooks: “Identity is what is reflected back to you.”


Excey Herrera http://blog.ifyoucanbequiet.info/?p=22

What hit me the most was the discussion about identity, when he spoke about his experience in New Guinea it made me realize that media is part of my identity whether I like it or not. It’s forms and continues bonds that people make with one another and form what people perceive to be their identities.

Andrew Whitfield http://andrewsthoughtsandstuff.com/?p=7

He talks about this generation of learners being a “tuned out” generation, and when he discusses this with his students he finds out that 50% of his students don’t like school as a whole, but all of his students like to learn.

Misiboo http://arababky.com/?p=46

Both these thinkers are great participants? in Paulo Freire theory on how education should be…. (do not just bank information into student’s heads). Ever so often I sit in a class where the professor just talks and talks about ideas and concepts and after the class is over I have no idea what we just talked about.