JSCNC Newsletter

Dec 2011

2011 Executive Committee


Mr. Pravin Shah

(919) 859-4994


Vice President

Mrs. Rekha Banker

(919) 676-4548



Mr. Anand Shah

(919) 678-9475


Food Coordinator

Mr. Ajay Shah

(919) 655-5084


Youth Coordinator

Mrs. Rita Lodaya

(919) 240-5564


Mrs. Sejal Shah





Hindu Center


Mr. Pravin Shah

(919) 859-4994


Mrs. Rekha Banker

(919) 676-4548


Mr. Harshad Shah

(919) 341 8894






Mr. Pratyush Mehta

Chapel Hill, NC

(919) 967-6270


Mr. Pritesh Shah

Raleigh, NC

(919) 786-1377

Annual Camp

Mr. Kamlesh Shah

Cary, NC

(919) 270-5111

Religious Programs

Mr. Pravin Shah

Mr. Kirit Shah

Editor’s Corner

Jai Jinendra,

It gives me a tremendous pleasure to write this final newsletter of the year. I try to publish newsletter by 7th of each month - this month has been an exception. Sorry for the late edition.

As the holidays approach and the year 2011 comes to an end I wanted to reflect back and say that 2011 had been an amazing year for JSCNC. We accomplished a lot and thanks to tremendous support of volunteers, we were able to successfully conduct all of the planned activities for 2011. As we continue in 2012, please consider getting involved. There are many volunteer opportunities during the year for all ages.

Finally, if you have any ideas for changes to the newsletter for 2012, please do not hesitate write to me.


Anand  Shah

(Secretary, JSCNC)

Inside This Issue

  1. Executive Committee for 2012
  2. Announcements
  3. Upcoming Activities
  4. Pathshala Corner
  5. Tithis( Lunar Day)
  6. How to Support Jain Study Center of NC

1. Executive Committee for 2012

We are pleased to announce the new committee for next year. Mr. Kamlesh Shah will be the new president. All the existing committee members, including special projects committee have agreed to continue in their present role. On behalf of 2011 Committee, I wanted to thank Mr. Kamlesh for volunteering his time and agree to lead JSCNC in 2012 and wish him the best.

I also want to take a brief moment to thank our outgoing president Mr. Pravin K. Shah for his outstanding leadership. Under his leadership, and with incredible support from Mrs. Rekha Banker we were able to organize all the planned events and successfully launch several new initiatives (Google groups, Paypal and Annual Directory.). Special thanks goes to Mr. Ajay Shah for his meticulous planning with food tables during monthly meetings and overseeing catering during special events; to Mr. Harshad Shah for being our liaison with Hindu Center and for facility rentals; to Mr. Pratyush Mehta for JSNC finances; to Mr. Kirit Shah and Mr. Mayur Lodaya for religious activities; to Mr. Pritesh Shah for highway cleanup and Mr. Kamlesh Shah for annula camp. And last but not least Special Thanks to both the pathshala teachers Mrs. Rita Lodaya (Mahavir group) and Mrs. Sejal Shah (Vardhman group). Imparting Jain way of living in our youth is our prime goal and the pathshala teachers have done a stellar job at it!!

2. Announcements

JSCNC Directory Project (Update)

We have distributed 100 copies so far. We are in the process of mailing the copies for those who have not picked it up.

HSNC 25th Anniversary Celebrations

In celebration of completing 25 years, the Hindu Center of NC is has planned celebrations during the weekend of Dec 16/17/18. For more information, visit: http://www.hsnconline.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/25th-Anniversary-Invitation.jpg .

In addition to musical events and a gala dinner, HSNC has organized religious events requesting all faiths to come together in a display of unity. On behalf of JSCNC, Mr. Mayur Lodaya and Mr. Pratyush Mehta will be preparing stavans/bhajans for a 30 minute slot led by pathshala children.

Please come and join us on Sat. Dec 17th, at 5:00pm.

Food Table for Year 2012

Guidelines for 2012. Please contact Mr. Ajay Shah if you have any questions.

We assume that every one in food table and host for 2011 are continuing for 2012. For 2012, we are introducing a new feature. If you want to donate instead of preparing food then please send a check of $125 to JSCNC in the begining of 2012 and let Mr. Ajay Shah know so that he can prepare table accordingly. We are always looking for more volunteers for food and host.  You can volunteer for food by either preparing and bringing the food  as per your assignment or donating $125 instead of preparing in 2012.

Duty of the host:

The following items are optional by host:

3. Upcoming Activities

Ths JSCNC 2011 calendar is now online. Please visit http://www.jscnc.org/cal.php  The calendar has the most up-to-date listing of all confirmed activities for the year. We will publish 2012 dates soon. In the new year, we are also going to integrate the JAIN tithis so you can have all the information in one place. Thanks to Mrs. Jyoti Kirit Shah for setting the Tithi calendar.


4. Paathshala Corner

JSCNC Pathshala serves our young kids to instill spiritual development, self-awareness and promote Jain identity in individuals, based on the principles of Jainism. The teachers pay special attention to the needs of young and older groups and have structured curriculum as such.


The Paathshala classes take place every first Sunday of the month from 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. in the Hindu Temple Cultural Hall AND on 3rd Sundays during the monthly meeting. If you plan to attend and/or need more information, please call Mrs. Rita Lodaya or Mrs. Sejal Shah. Paathshala e-mail address is JSCNCpathshala@yahoo.com.

5. Tithis (Lunar Day)

Magsar vad 8 - 12/18

Magsar vad 10 - 12/20  Shri Parsvanath Janma kalyanak

Magsar vad 11 - 12/21  Shri Parsvanath Diksha kalyanak

Magsar vad 14 - 12/23

Posh sud 5 - 12/29

Posh sud 8 - 1/1/12

Posh sud 14 - 1/8/12

Posh vad 8 - 1/16/12

6. Supporting our center

You can support our Center by:

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Anand  Shah

(Secretary, JSCNC)