School nursing services shall be provided for the school health program. Any school nurse shall be a registered professional nurse licensed in New Hampshire.


The District may employ or contract with a licensed practical nurse or a certified nursing assistant to work under the direct supervision of a school registered nurse.


  1. Any student not in class because of illness shall report to the nurse or designated administrator.

  1. All student medications shall be kept in the custody of the school nurse. No medication shall be administered by school personnel except as prescribed by a doctor and accompanied by a parental permission form.

  1. All accidents occurring on school property shall be immediately reported to the school nurse and to the school principal or his/her designee. Students attending school during the extended day or night or during summer school or any other time when the school nurse is not in the building shall immediately report to the main office in case of illness or accident.

  1. Parents shall be notified by a building administrator before a student who is ill is permitted to go home.



Statutory References:

RSA 200:27 (School Health Services) RSA 200:29 (School Nurse)

RSA 200:31 (School Health Personnel)


NHSBA Code JLC            


First Reading Coordination: 10/16/02

Second Reading and Approval BOSC: 11/12/02