George Matthew Linkert IV - KAG*

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Local do-gooder looking to hear what YOU are doing to make your community a better place!

Life Experience

Webpage Content Creator - Actively creating content at a new website highlighting local events, organizations and businesses.

Stay at home dad [Father]- Raised two awesome 8 and 6 year old girls. (with my wife’s help!)

Basso Child Care [Provider] - Successfully operated licensed child care. Built lots of really neato block towers and created dazzling art works with crayon and marker! Frequently celebrated ‘Polka Time’ after lunch.

Mound Planning Commission [At large member]- Continually arguing and making a case to create a ‘Strongtown’ with places and neighborhoods that my children will need as they are growing up. Encouraging and creating policy to build safe ‘complete streets’ and valuable places for all families to enjoy.

Westonka Special Education Advisory Council - [Chair] - Networking and collaborating with school staff and other families to create a fantastic place of learning for ALL children.

Lake Minnetonka Regional Arts Council [At Large Member] - Programming and planning for a new Arts Center for the area. Starting membership and public awareness campaign.

Caregiver - Helped family member for the last year of their life with personal needs.

Seward Concert Band [Associate Director, and President] - Directed and organized really cool concerts and programs.

Arts Administrator - Working to create meaningful arts experiences for students and staff at Metropolitan Boys Choir and Minnetonka Music Academy.

Band Teacher - Organized concerts, inspired confidence, instructed technical musical skills, encouraged and even occasionally had students achieve musical greatness!

Skills - Public Speaking, Performing, Teaching Teachers, Music, Music Education, Musical Theatre, Non-profits, Event Planning, Trombone, Research, Fundraising, Customer Service, Creativity, Conflict Resolution, Empathy, Leading Meetings, Focused Execution, Out Of the Box, Tenacious,

PS - Did you see that! I said I play the trombone, AND am empathetic. Those aren’t qualities you see every day, are they?! So if you are looking to make the world a better place, contact me! I want to hear what you are doing!

* - Kinda Artsy Guy